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Can You Play Music On Twitch

Can You Play Copyright

What MUSIC can you LEGALLY use on Twitch?

Yes, you can play copyright-free music on Twitch, both in livestreams and uploads of previous streams. Youll want to confirm that any music you use is indeed copyright-free.

The CC mark is used to designate a creative work that has been donated to Creative Commons and that not all rights to it have been reserved.

Much of the music thats copyright-free has aged out of copyright protectionwhich happens with much older music that was released 96 years ago or was first published before 1964 and didnt have its copyright extendedand has entered whats called the public domain. As you can guess, a lot of this music is quite old and may or may not fit the vibe you want to establish in your stream.

Artists can also donate their music to the public domain or issue free royalty-free licenses of their songs, and its not uncommon for them to do so. If youre familiar with free stock photo websites like Creative Commons or Unsplash, its similar to their models.

Royalty-free means that the copyright holder maintains the rights to their work, but gives the rights to anyone who wants to use their work in an agreed-upon way without incurring an additional fee each time. Usually, these royalty-free licenses are purchased, but there are free sources for royalty-free music, which well get into shortly.

How Do Streamers Get Away With Playing Copyrighted Music

To play copyrighted music on your stream, without consent of the artist or their recording company, is illegal.

Streamers who do play copyrighted music are indeed doing so illegally however, when the music is played during a live stream it is difficult for Twitch and other streaming platforms to detect it and punish these streamers. For this reason, many who play copyrighted music during their live streams often do so free of consequences while they are live.

However, this does not mean that these streamers go unpunished, especially lately with all of the DMCA claims.

If you have copyright music playing on your live streams, your VODS or on your Twitch clips it will only be a matter of time before these VODS and videos are either muted or removed from your channel and you are given a DMCA claim.

Playing live copyright music on your streams also puts you at risk of having your Twitch account shut down. Not good!

But dont worry! There is a way that you can play great music on your streams that is royalty free so you wont have to worry about getting in any trouble with Twitch.

In order to play great music on stream, streamers use websites such asEpidemic Sound to find songs and sound effects that they can use legally and royalty free.

These songs can be downloaded and used on things such as Twitch streams and Youtube videos to help enhance the quality of your content.

And even better, they offer free trials so you can check them out for free. Not too shabby eh?

How Streamers Can Get Out Of This Situation

With the advent of digital technology and streaming platforms, the issue of monetization of copyrighted content has become urgent. At the moment, there are no systems or regulations that can solve this problem completely. We can see the solution in creating a social contract and worldwide legal acts to regulate the use of copyrighted content on digital streaming platforms like Twitch.

Content creators and streaming platform owners need to discuss what terms they are willing to cooperate on so that no one is left out and it would be convenient for every user. I think it should be a mixture of copyright license agreements, which are widely used by live cover bands, and the Content ID system that YouTube uses to automatically identify when copyrighted content is used.

You can protect yourself from receiving DMCA violation notices for removing content on your channel by reviewing all of your content in the author control panel and removing what may violate the DMCA. You can also limit the ability to create clips for your followers and/or subscribers in your broadcast settings. Visit the help pages regarding VOD and clips to learn more about managing content on your channel.

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Music You Are Allowed To Use In Twitch Streams

The Twitch Community Guidelines are very specific as to what type of music is eligible for sharing. Heres what you can use as the soundtrack for your streams:

  • Any original music. If youre the one who wrote the particular piece, youre completely free to add it as the soundtrack. So long as you hold all the recording and performing rights to the music and lyrics, you dont have to worry about breaking Community Guidelines. However, if youre under a contract with a record label, make sure that sharing the music on Twitch isnt a violation of said contract.
  • Any music that was licensed to you. Adding copyrighted music is not an issue per se unless you acquire a license. If you have reached out to the copyright holder and received official permission to share their work, its perfectly fine to include it in your stream.
  • Any music from Soundtrack by Twitch. Its probably the most reliable source. Well discuss the extensive sound library in more detail in the following sections.

Youtube Playlists For Twitch

What Music Can You Play on Twitch?

Due to the copyright problem when live broadcasts are made, several users found a niche to exploit on YouTube.

In this platform, there are dozens of videos with variable duration whose music is focused that you can use in your streams. Simply search for Music for Twitch and choose one of the many that appear on the list.

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A Common Misconception About Copyrighted Music

Copyrighted music is essentially any music that you don’t own the right to broadcast.

So, I’ve seen some people saying that they pay for Spotify or Amazon Music or YouTube Music or any platform like that, but that is simply not the same.

If you pay for a subscription to Spotify, all that does is give you the license to be able to listen to that music on a personal device. It doesn’t give you the right to broadcast that music to other people across the internet, remember about it.

We’ve also seen a lot of people raising their pitchforks at Twitch, asking them why they’re issuing all of these copyright strikes right now. But really, Twitch isn’t at fault here. It’s kind of taken out of their hands. Sure, there’s plenty that Twitch could have done because the writing has been on the wall about this happening for the platform for a number of years now.

But in terms of actually what’s happening with these Copyright Management Acts takedown notices, and then a copyright strike, Twitch really isn’t at fault. Like pretty much every other platform out there, Twitch makes use of something called safe harbor, which is built into the DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT, which essentially states that they are not responsible for the copyright infringement of users on their platform. But to be able to be protected, they have to follow a few different guidelines.

Bass Rebels Spotify Playlist

Spotify user Bass Rebels has created a playlist of copyright-free tracks that gamers can use on live streams without getting DMCA takedowns or muted streams. You have a free license to use the music if you are an independent creator and monetize videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You do have to in your description.

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Licensed Music By Lickd

If you did want to have popular chart music in your streams, you could use Lickd to get your hands on trending music from artists you love. With a music catalog of over 1 Million tracks, were sure youll find something for every type of content you create.

All you have to do is search for a song you want, add it to your basket, and checkout . Now you can add the track to your Twitch stream without any worries!

Most of our licenses allow you to upload your video to any online video platform simply use the platform filters during your song search to filter by Twitch available tracks specifically. We always recommend you include the licensing information in the streams description. This helps us clear any copyright a lot quicker. In the unlikely event you do get a copyright claim you can use your license agreement from Lickd as proof that youre using the music legally.

Can I Stream Music Via Streaming Services Such As Spotify Or Apple Music

What Music Can You Play on Twitch?

Many streamers use streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music to create their music. Most people believe that music should not be used in videos because you are paying for a subscription.

This is false. Apple Music and Spotify allow you to stream their music but do not grant permission to use it in your content. Why? It is against the law to use YouTube, Apple Music, or Spotify for your Twitch streams.

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Where Can I Find Music For Twitch

Once youve clarified the Twitch music restrictions and defined the music instructions you can use, its time to get down to work finding the tracks you will use in your online broadcasts.

You may have come this far looking for free music options for streamers. I can tell you in advance that you will find them throughout the article.

However, there are several problems with free options. One is that they do not offer much variety of styles. All themes revolve around the same musical genres, something that will not allow you to differentiate yourself within the streamer community.

To avoid this, professional streamers use

Does Twitch Do Live Dmca Strikes

A DMCA strike is a notification you receive from Twitch when a right holder complained about the use of their music. DMCA means Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which is a United States law about copyrights created when the Internet started to become big in 1998.

There are live DMCA strikes on Twitch. The process is not automated as on Youtube or Facebook though. Indeed, Twitch tool Audible Magic, only mutes music on VODs and clips. It has never been mentioned for lives yet. Therefore, to this day, the live strikes are only manual.

A famous occurrence is what happened to Metallica during the 2021 Blizzcon. Their song For Whom The Bell Tolls was replaced by some elevator music leading to an awkward yet funny event. This change was strangely done on Twitch gaming channel only and not on its main channel . This seems to confirm that the live DMCA strikes are only manual.

Therefore, small streamers should not be afraid of live DMCA notifications yet. Indeed, as the action is still manual on lives, there is a good chance right holders only claim streams from big names. Please note that there is a good chance it changes in the future. I would therefore not be surprised if Twitch goes on the same path as Facebook or Youtube by stopping streams that infringe copyrights.

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How To Play Music On Your Twitch Stream

Although there are several ways to play music on your stream, the most commonly used method is playing the music through the Nightbot website. To play music on your stream with Nightbot follow these simple steps:

  • First go to and link your Twitch account to Nightbot.
  • Once you have linked your account, go to your dashboard on Nightbot and on the right side of the screen there should be a button that says join channel. Click this to allow Nightbot to join your channel.
  • Now that Nightbot has joined your channel, go to your stream on Twitch and type in /mod nightbot in your streams chat. This will make Nightbot a moderator in your stream.
  • Finally go back to Nightbot and click the section on the left side of the screen titled song requests. Two options will appear AutoDJ and playlist. Click AutoDJ and your stream will now have music playing. You can skip songs and view upcoming songs from this section as well.
  • If you are going to be playing music on your stream while you game then you should also consider getting a mixer.

    If you are a beginner then one of the best and easiest to use mixers out there is the . This mixer is super simple to setup and use.

    Having a mixer really makes it easy to control the sound on your stream. A mixer gives you control of your mic, chat, game, etc. all with a small pad that you can have sitting right next to you.

  • Go to the song requests section and click on the AutoDj tab.
  • How To Add Approved Music To A Twitch Stream

    Music You Can Play on Twitch to Avoid DMCA

    Lee StantonRead moreJuly 23, 2021

    Music creates a great atmosphere for your Twitch streams, making them more memorable for viewers. However, you cant just add any type of music, not unless you want to deal with copyright infringement. Theres a clear list of dos and donts when it comes to compiling a fantastic soundtrack for your gameplay.

    In this article, well explain the difference between Twitch-approved and copyrighted music and show you where to get some tremendous royalty-free tracks.

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    Can I Use 10 Seconds Of A Copyrighted Song

    There is a myth that under the Fair Use act that, according to copyright laws, you can use a section of audio soundtrack that is between 10-30 seconds long, so long as the track is longer than that. This is untrue and you could receive a DMCA strike on your account if you play any portion of a song on your Twitch channel.

    How Can Streamers Get Out Of This Situation

    The urgent issue of monetization for copyrighted content is becoming more important with the rise of streaming technology and digital technology. Currently, there is no system or regulation that will solve the problem.

    The solution is in the creation of a social contract as well as worldwide legal acts that regulate the use and copyright of content on digital streaming platforms such as Twitch.

    Content creators and streaming platform owners must discuss the terms they are open to cooperating with. This will ensure that everyone is included and make it easy for everyone.

    It should include both copyright license agreements used widely by live cover bands and the Content ID system YouTube uses to identify copyrighted content.

    Protect yourself against receiving DMCA violations notices regarding the removal of content from your channel. You can review all your content in the author panel and remove any that may violate the DMCA.

    In your broadcast settings, you can limit the ability of your subscribers and followers to create clips. For more information on managing content on your channel, visit the help pages for VOD and clips.

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    How To Determine Copyrights

    There are three ways to tell if a song you want to use on your live stream is copyrighted or not :

  • Look at the sheet music: If you happen to have sheet music for the song you want to play, the name of the copyright holder will be printed on the bottom of the first page.
  • Check with organizations: You can search for copyrighted songs with organizations that have catalogs of registered songs. A quick search of your chosen song will let you know the copyright holder.
  • General search: You can try to search for the song with the U.S. Copyright Office or the Harry Fox Agency. If those two options fail, then try a general web search.
  • Can You Play Background Music On Twitch

    How To Play ANY SONG on Your Twitch Stream WITHOUT Copyright Strikes

    There are plenty of services that offer free music and whole playlists that are Twitch-approved. On Twitch all songs must be copyright-free. With DMCA takedowns becoming more regular and bans being handed out after three strikes, it is important that you keep your channel protected by following Twitch TOS.

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    What Music Can Djs Play On Twitch

    DJs can play any music on Twitch coming from Soundtrack, a player made by Twitch with only Twitch-ready songs. Its music comes from labels that made specific deals. Some labels, such as Anjunabeats, also made Spotify stream-free playlists. Others also propose their catalog for a monthly fee.

    For DJs, Soundtrack is not very useful. First, the player is not a DJ software. Therefore its only purpose could have been to be a catalog to browse from. However, the tool lacks a search bar or even categorization by artist or label. That makes it impossible to use for any DJs. You can find music from big names such as Don Diablo, Anjunabeats, or Dim Mak, but there are really hard to find. For this reason, I recommend Twitch-ready Spotify playlist instead.

    To find music DJs can play on streaming platforms, use the following keywords on Spotify:

    • Copyrights free

    Below are two links that curated artists and labels free to be used on Twitch:

    Then you have some labels offering a subscription system to play their catalog freely on Twitch and Youtube. You can play for instance the Monstercat catalog for $7.5 / month. Another cool alternative is Soundstripe, its catalog regroups several labels that you can browse from genres and even BPM. Its price is $12.5 per month.

    If I Use Music In A Video Game Will I Be Banned

    No. Broadcast games are not allowed to be broadcast. The streamer will only be notified by the publisher/copyright holder. Nintendo, for instance, removed the YouTube monetization.

    DMCA complaints regarding songs are sent to the music labels that have the tracks. You can still receive a warning if you watch a trailer thats copyrighted.

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