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Can You Make Playlists On Apple Music

How To Add Songs To Collaborative Playlist

How to create and share a playlist in Apple Music on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Apple Support

On a Mobile Device

Way 1: Just click the ‘Library’ tab to choose ‘Playlist’ and tap the ‘Edit’ button to select ‘Add Music’ option. Now you can start to add favorite songs to the new playlist you created before from your iTunes library.

Way 2. When you play Apple Music streams, there is a three-dot icon on the ‘Now Playing’ screen, please hit on it and choose ‘Add to Playlist’ > ‘Playlist Name’ to add them.

On a Mac/Windows Computer

Way 1. You can directly drag the Apple Music song or album and drop it to the new playlist under the left-hand sidebar

Way 2. On the ‘Now Playing’ interface, please right click on the track and then it will show lots of options. Please choose ‘Add to Playlist’ > ‘Playlist Name’ that you can decide it.

Tips: If you have made a playlist already, you can skip the first step of creating a playlist on Apple Music and directly add Apple Music streams to your playlist by following second step.

Create A Playlist On Your Ipad

  • Open the Apple Music app.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and tap New Playlist.
  • Give your playlist a name, then tap Add Music.
  • Search for music that you want to add, tap it, then tap Done.
  • Tap Done.
  • You can also touch and hold a song, album, or playlist until it lifts up. Then drag the music to an existing playlist or New Playlist in the sidebar.

    Create A Playlist Folder In The Music App

    If you dont see the Music app, make sure that you have updated your computer to macOS Catalina or later. Thats when the Music app for Mac was introduced.

    Now to create your folder, just follow these simple steps.

    1) Open the Music app and click File>New>Playlist Folder from the menu bar.

    2) A new folder will be created as an untitled folder ready for your input. Youll see a screen for it pop open and it listed under Playlists in the sidebar.

    3) Click untitled folder on the folder screen to enter your own folder name and optionally add a description.

    And there you go! Your new playlist folder has been created and you can now add your playlists to it.

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    How To Create Playlists For Your Iphone Or Ipad

    Want to bring all your favorite songs together in one place? You can cook up playlists for your favorite music and podcasts in iTunes, on your Mac, and on your iPhone or iPad.

    You have a healthy collection of music and other content in iTunes or the Apple Music app but don’t always want to listen to an entire album. Sometimes you just want to hear your favorite songs. That’s when you turn to playlists. You can create a playlist in iTunes or Apples Music app and sync it with your phone or tablet, or you can create a playlist directly on your mobile device. You can also create multiple playlists for Movies, TV Shows, and Podcasts.

    If youre running macOS Catalina or higher on a Mac, you can use the Apple Music app. Anyone using a Windows PC or an older Mac will use iTunes. Both programs work similarly.

    Experiment With Friends And Try Similar Sounds

    Create and share Apple Music playlists

    Bottom line? Its OK to experiment and have fun. Try something new and different, if the option is available to you.

    Spotify has a collaborative playlist feature, so I make a lot of playlists with my friends, Ms. Tarquinio said. With my high school friends, well add songs from high school that maybe others have forgotten about, with the next person adding a song that the first one made them think about.

    Ms. Tarquinio added that another thing she liked to do was to sequence songs with a really strong musical connection between the tracks.

    A lot of songs have similar arpeggios, or they might start on the same chord, she said, but thats just a personal thing I love.

    Many of us use playlists for music organization, whether to save songs from internet radio or to create bucket collections.

    I have a playlist for each year, like 2019 and 2018 and so on, which are all the songs I liked and discovered from those times that Im collecting in playlists, said Pandoras Mr. Celma. Its really cool to go back to the playlists from different years and reminisce and trigger the memories from when I heard these songs.

    Creating a smart playlist in iTunes or Apple Music , as well as using other automation tools, can also accomplish a similar goal by automatically adding certain songs to a playlist based on options you set.

    Also, using a playlist to study can help block out distractions.

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    Add Items To A Playlist

  • In the Music app on your Mac, click Listen Now, Browse, or any option under Library in the sidebar to see songs you want to add to your playlist.

  • To add items to a playlist, do any of the following:

  • From anywhere in your music library, drag an item to a playlist in the sidebar on the left.

  • Control-click an item, choose Add to Playlist, then choose a playlist .

  • Tip: To add songs to a playlist without adding them to your library, choose Music;> Preferences, click Advanced, then deselect Add songs to Library when adding to playlists.

    How To Make The Perfect Playlist

    Need something fresh to listen to? Maybe something inspiring? These tips will help.

    Life is just one playlist away from being perfectly soundtracked.

    For example, I want to go running, but of course I need the right music to propel me from start to finish. Im planning a road trip, but the music needs to sound adventurous to hype me up. Im under a deadline and need something to block out the world so I can focus.

    There are thousands of premade playlists that can fill those needs, but often they just arent personal enough. Even the playlists being automatically created for us each week by our music services sometimes arent quite right.

    So how do you nail the perfect mix of songs every time? How do you make a playlist that hits just right for that special occasion? We talked to four music lovers inside and outside the music industry, some of whom work at Spotify and Pandora, and here are their tips.

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    Create A Playlist On Your Computer

  • Open iTunes on your computer and find a song that you want to start a playlist with.
  • Click the ellipsis button and choose Add to Playlist -> New Playlist.
  • Click the name to change the title, and click the placeholder cover image to add one. To add a description, click the blue ellipsis button and choose Add Description.
  • Add more songs to your playlist by browsing your library or the Apple Music catalog, or use the search field to find the song you want.
  • When you find a song that you want to add to the playlist, click the ellipsis button and choose Add to Playlist -> .
  • You can also import playlists from other people on iTunes by going to File > Library > Import Playlist.

    How To Sort Your Playlists In Apple Music

    How to Create a Playlist in Apple Music

    * This post is part of iPhone Life‘s Tip of the Day newsletter. . *

    Apple Music makes it easy to create fantastic playlists of all the songs you desire. But if you like to create a lot of playlists, its easy to lose track of your older ones or have a hard time finding the new ones. Depending on how you use Playlists in Apple Music, you can sort them in a way that works best for you. Heres how to sort your playlists in Apple Music.

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    How To Edit Smart Playlists

    There are three ways to edit your Smart Playlist:s:

    • To rearrange the order, drag a song to a different location in the list.
    • To remove a song from the playlist , select the song and press Delete or right-click the song and select Remove from Playlist.
    • To change the rules used to create the playlist, select Edit Rules,then change the settings.

    How To Create A Smart Playlist In Apple Music & Itunes

    You may want to create a Smart Playlist of songs that you rated five stars, played more than 50 times, or added to your library in the last 30 days. By setting up Smart Playlist rules, the music service automatically updates a playlist’s songs when your music library changes.

    There are three options to create a Smart Playlist in Apple Music and iTunes: using the File menu, your mouse, or a keyboard shortcut.

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    Top 10 Weekend Worthy

    This is an awesome electric playlist on apple music. It samples some of the best songs you can listen to on a weekend. If you decide to stay indoors on a Friday night then you will love listening to this playlist. This playlist is updated every Friday will great tunes that will help set the mood for your weekend. Even if you are planning to go out, the playlist has some great tunes you can listen to while you get ready for your weekend adventure.

    How To Make An Apple Music Playlist In Itunes Or On Ios

    How do I create an Apple Music playlist?

    The Macworld staff is still on the fence about Apple Music. Some of us are really into the recommended playlistswhich are sometimes eerily relevantwhile others are still dealing with the aftermath of enabling iCloud Music Library. But even fans of the streaming service have noticed that making a playlist is nowhere near as simple as it could be. If youre looking for a quick guide to creating and adding to an Apple Music playlist on iOS or iTunes, weve got you covered.

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    How To Share Apple Music Collaborative Playlist On Iphone And Ipad

    Step 1. Set up the Apple Music app on your device.

    Step 2. Tap ‘Library’ and then ‘Playlists’.

    Step 3. Choose the playlist you want to share on the ‘Playlists’ menu.

    Step 4. Click on the ‘three-dot’ icon and then you will see the ‘More’ menu.

    Step 5. Choose ‘Share’ option and then you will see some options to share your playlist.

    Step 6. Besides, you could tap ‘Edit’ from the top-right corner of the screen. In there, you can show off your playlist on your Apple Music profile.

    Step 7. Touch once on the toggle right next to the ‘Show on My Profile and in Search’. Then you can make your playlist visible on your profile. And then click ‘Done’ to confirm it.

    Things You Should Try First With Apple Music

    After you’re done curating the playlist, you can then save it and share your work by tapping on the familiar share button. Any changes you make in the future will result in the playlist updating across all devices it’s saved to. Meaning, if a friend saves your playlist, your changes will sync to his or her device.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear your friends can currently add songs to one of your playlists. Another important item to note: if you create a playlist that includes a song that’s not available in Apple Music , the song will be included in the share playlist but it will be greyed out for those who don’t also own the song. And for whatever reason, tapping on the song fails to direct the user to the iTunes store.

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    Using And Managing Your Playlist Folder

    There are two great advantages to using playlist folders in the Music app.

    First, you can group your playlists together for better organization. This makes finding the playlist you want, especially if you have many, much easier.

    Second, you can play the folder contents all at one time if you like. Using our Holidays folder example, you might want to play your Christmas and New Years songs all together and at once. Having them in a folder allows you to do that.

    If you need to make changes to your playlist folder, you can right-click or hold Control and click it in the sidebar. Alternatively, you can click the More button on the playlist folder screen. From there you can download, play, shuffle, love, dislike, or delete the folder.

    Create A New Playlist


    You can create your own playlists a couple of different ways. In iTunes or the Music app, click File > New > Playlist to create a new entry under the Playlists section. Type the name you want to give to your new playlist, such as the name of an artist or genre.

    Click on the Songs entry to see your library of individual songs. Find the tracks you want added to the playlist and drag them over to the new playlist entry. Select multiple songs at once using Shift + Click or Ctrl + Click in Windows and Shift + Click or Command + Click on macOS.

    Another way to add a song is to right-click on the song, hover over Add to Playlist, and select the playlist. You can also create a playlist if you select the individual songs you want added, then right-click on any of the tracks. Hover over Add to Playlist, then select New Playlist to make the songs appear on the playlist.

    You can edit your playlist a number of ways. To remove a song, right-click on it and select Remove from Playlist from the pop-up menu.

    You can also rearrange the order of the songs. Select and drag a song up or down in the list. Release your mouse when the song is nestled in its new spot.

    Want to add a brief description of the playlist? Right-click on the album art and select Add Description. You can also burn the songs to a CD if you click Burn Playlist to Disc.

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    How To Switch Over From Spotify To Apple Music Its Easy

    If you’re thinking about switching from Apple Music to Spotify , you don’t have to lose your playlists. Here’s how.

    Apple Music and Spotify are the two most popular music streaming services by a long shot as both have tens of millions of paid subscribers. As for which service you use, it likely depends on which service you or your family have been using for years. That said, the two services have brought about some key changes in the past year or more, so much so that you might want to switch.

    The biggest difference between the two streaming services is, as of July 2021, Apple Music allows you to listen to higher-quality music. It added a lossless tier at no extra cost that allows subscribers to listen to CD-quality and Hi-Res Lossless audio tracks. Spotify is launching its own lossless streaming service, Spotify Hifi, by the end of 2021, but it’s not here yet .

    Another big reason why you’d switch to Apple Music is if you were planning on buying one of Apple’s smart speakers, either the recently discontinued HomePod or the new HomePod mini. Unlike other popular smart speakers , Apple’s smart speakers only respond to “Hey Siri” voice commands for music if you subscribe to Apple Music . If youre a Spotify subscriber, you can only ask Siri to play/pause, skip tracks and adjust the volume.

    Store Music Offline So You Can Listen When You Don’t Have Signal

    You can store music to play offline, in case you’re somewhere without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, like on a subway or an airplane. Doing this is easy:

    • Find a song, album or playlist you want to save.
    • Tap the “+Add” button next to it.
    • Now tap the cloud button that appears.
    • To see the music you’ve downloaded, tap the “Library” tab and then select “Downloaded music.”

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    The 50 Best Playlists On Apple Music

    A list of playlists? In 2015, the state of music discovery has really come to this. Now that on-demand streaming is no longer a novelty, services from Spotify and Rhapsody to Google Play Music and Tidal are competing to out-curate one another. One of the main ways these companies are working to bring new music to the surface is the playlist to the point where these simple sets of songs now cry out for a little curating of their own.

    Thing is, with some variations, the types of professionally made playlists available on each interactive streaming service as opposed to radio-style services epitomized by Pandora are starting to become fairly consistent, too. Whatever your preferred streaming app, its a fair bet youll find mood- and genre-based playlists alongside playlists created with more of an editorial touch. Some services allow users to share playlists theyve made themselves; others dont, opting to keep the curation in-house.

    So what are the best playlists on Apple Music? Well, this gets tricky. The service recommends only so many playlists each day, and many of them seem to reflect what I already like more than what I might like. Still, with the end of Apple Musics three-month free trial approaching for many of the millions who signed up shortly after the service launched, its time to curate the curators. From Beyoncé workouts to reggae clashes, heres a guide to 50 Apple Music playlists worth a listen.

    On Your Mac Or Windows Pc

    How Playlist Pitching Really Works On Apple Music

    Step #1. Launch iTunes on your computer.

    On your Mac: From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen, select iTunes Preferences.

    Click on the General tab, uncheck the box for Add songs to Library when adding to playlists to turn the option off in the end, click on OK to save your changes.

    On your Windows PC: From the menu bar at the top of the iTunes window, select;Edit Preferences.

    Click on the General tab, uncheck the box for;Add songs to Library;when adding to;playlists to turn the option;off click on OK to save your changes.

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