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Can You Get Apple Music For Free With Verizon

Apple Music Family Plan

How to get Apple Music free for 6 months on Verizon wireless unlimited plans

I currently had an Apple Music subscription thru Apple it was $14.99/mth for all four of my family. I just cancelled it and added the 6 month free Apple Music plan from Verizon. Three of the four lines on my account have subscribed. I see that after the 6 month promo thru Verizon ends that my cost per subscribed number will be $9.99.

Earn Free Apple Music Gift Card

One way to get a free Apple Music code is to earn points by completing offers, such as installing apps on your iPhone and run them for a while, completing a game, or filling out a survey. Then you can use these points to exchange for prizes, such as Apple Music free code. But this is not the most efficient method, because not all offers are actually working. Even worse, some of the free Apple Music code generator tools found on the Internet are probably just scams.

But if you are still interested and would like to give them a shot, you can check out the following 2 methods.

1. Earn Free Apple Music Gift Card with PointsPrizes

2. Win Up to 12 Months of Free Apple Music Account with Music Machine

Note: This method allows you to get free Apple Music directly on iPhone, no credit card or jailbreak is required.

Step 1. Open this webpage on your web browser.

Step 2. Scroll down and click the “PLAY” button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3. Enter your Apple ID / Email and then hit “Next” to participate in the game.

Step 4. Now you can start playing the game to win your free Apple Music subscription, 3 options are available including 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. In total, you’ve got 5 chances to get your best shot, if lucky you can get the 12 months Apple Music premium.

Step 7. When you’ve done human verification, you can delete the 2 apps from your iPhone and open Apple Music.

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Free Disney Plus Verizon

Another perk from Verizon wireless hat you should definitely redeem is your free Disney+ account. Verizon will give you a year of Disney Plus if you are on any of their unlimited data plan. These plans include Verizon Unlimited plan, Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, Above Unlimited, Get More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, and Start Unlimited. To activate your free Disney Plus account through Verizon, all you have to do is navigate our account and activate Disney+ On Us under the Entertainment tab of your Verizon account.

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Verizon Wireless Apple Music Add

An Apple Music subscription is included in select Unlimited plans. Get More Unlimited and Play More Unlimited get Apple Music free of charge included in their plan. Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited 5G UW , and Do More Unlimited can get six months of Apple Music for free. After that promotion ends, youll be billed $9.99/month .

If you already have an Apple Music subscription, be sure to sign up for the promotion with the same email address on the existing subscriptionyoull be directed to cancel your duplicate Apple Music subscription. All of your saved content and settings will still be linked to your Apple IDyou wont lose anything! All those personalized playlists are safe.

Set Up Family Sharing

How To Get Apple Music For FREE! (No Jailbreak) (iPhone ...

family sharing makes it easy for up to six family members to share music, movies, tv shows, apps, books, an icloud storage plan, subscriptions, and more all without sharing an apple id. 1 you can set up an apple id for kids, set permissions remotely with screen time, and approve spending and downloads from a parent’s device with ask to buy. 2 you

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Activate Your Apple Music Account

  • If you havent done so yet, create your account. This can be done by downloading the official Verizon app into your mobile device.
  • On your mobile device, launch the My Verizon app and sign in with your login credentials.
  • Tap More > Add-ons & App > Entertainment. From there, scroll down and select Learn more under Apple Music.
  • Next to your phone number, click Enroll.
  • After accepting the terms, Verizon will send you a link via text message which will redirect you to the Apple Music app. This link will associate your Verizon phone number with your Apple Music account.
  • Once everything is finished, you will have Apple Music for free as long you keep your Verizon plan.
  • How To Get Apple Music For Free

    You normally have to pay for Apple Music, but here are some methods you can use to use the music service for free.

    Gone are the days that we have to carry around heavy CD players to bring our music with us, everywhere we go. In the age of streaming, we have access to millions of music from all over the world in the palm of our hands.

    With accessibility on almost any mobile device and access to a wealth of music, streaming sites have become the first choice for many music listeners. Apple Music is one of the best. But if you can’t afford a subscription, you don’t have to miss out. There are plenty of ways to get Apple Music for free.

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    In Settings On Your Iphone Ipad Or Ipod Touch

  • Go to Settings > , then tap Subscriptions.
  • Tap Apple Music Membership.
  • Tap “Verify your student status.” You’ll be redirected to the UNiDAYS website.
  • Follow the prompts to verify your eligibility. If the verification is successful, you’ll automatically return to Apple Music and continue your Apple Music student subscription.
  • Get An Apple Music Student Subscription

    TUTORIAL: How to Get Apple Music 6 Months Free on Verizon

    Students enrolled in degree-granting universities and colleges can join Apple Music at a discounted monthly rate for up to 48 months. And if you have an Apple Music student subscription, you also get Apple TV+ for a limited time.

    To qualify for an Apple Music student subscription, you must be a student studying a bachelor degree, post-graduate degree, or equivalent Higher Education course at a University, College or Post-Secondary School . Junior, technical colleges, and special courses are also eligible in Japan.

    The Apple Music student subscription is only available in certain countries and regions. Learn more about Apple Music availability and pricing.

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    Verizon Tv Commercial ‘aceves Family: Apple Music $700’

    From the Invite Your Family screen, select one of the following: Based on your choice, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. Invite People. Create an Account for a Child. From the GET STARTED section, select from the following to start customizing sharing options with your Family: Apple Subscriptions. Apple Music.

    Can I Get Apple Music With My Plan If I Already Have An Apple Music Subscription Through Apple

    Yes. You can still get Apple Music with your Verizon plan even if youre already subscribed through Apple.Once you redeem the Verizon promotional subscription and link your Apple ID, you’ll be prompted within the Apple Music app to cancel one of your subscriptions. Canceling with Apple will continue your Apple Music subscription through Verizon.

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    Free Year Of Apple Arcade Lands As Latest Verizon Unlimited Plan Perk

    Verizon has included Apple Music at no cost with its unlimited plans for some time and today the carrier is adding Apples gaming service as the latest free perk. Depending on the plan, Apple Arcade will be free for 6-12 months.

    Verizon has been including a variety of free add-ons for its modern unlimited plans over the last couple of years like Disney+, Hulu, Apple Music, and more.

    Now, Verizon is adding 6-12 free months of either Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass . The new offer comes as Apple normally gives a 3-month free trial for its gaming service to any new customer.

    Verizon detailed the news in a press release this morning with the perk available for both new and existing customers:

    Verizon already offers the best value in entertainment, and it just got even better with an amazing new deal guaranteed to bolster your mobile gaming library with hundreds of new titles. Starting May 25, new and existing customers get six months of Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass, on us with any unlimited plan or 12 months on us with Play More or Get More plans.

    The Get more unlimited plan comes with the most perks including Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Apple Music, discovery for 12 months, 50% off connected device plans, and now 12 months of Apple Arcade.

    The Play More unlimited plan comes with Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Apple Music for 6 months, discovery for 12 months, and 12 months of Apple Arcade.

    FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links.More.

    How To Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription

    The Best Apps to Download Free Music on iPhone

    If youre not happy with Apple Music or simply prefer another streaming platform, you can opt to cancel your Apple Music subscription before your free trial expires.

    Once you register for any of the promotions above, make sure to set a reminder to cancel the subscription a day before the trial ends.

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    How Can I Get Free Apple Music On Verizon

    Customers signed onto either of Verizons top-tier Beyond Unlimited or Above Unlimited plans will, beginning Thursday, January 17th, be able to access Apple Music as part of an incentives initiative worth $9.99/month.

    Though in its press release, Verizon notes that customers are ultimately responsible for paying sales tax associated with the $9.99 value of accessing the Apple Music subscription.

    Ultimately, the promotion not only pans out to around $120/year in value-added incentives for customers already paying the highest prices to access Verizons network but for Apple, too, it offers the opportunity to bolster its marketshare , expanding the reach and availability of its signature digital music streaming platform to more listeners.

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    How To Get Apple Music For Free On Best Buy

    As a multinational consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy provides a variety of products and services for users to buy. Of course, the prices of most of these products are lower than the official prices. Sometimes you can also find some free promotions on it.

    If you have searched Apple Music on it, you will find that Best Buy is giving a 6-months free Apple Music. If you haven’t ever used Apple Music, it’s the best time to start an Apple Music trip.

    You don’t need to buy anything, but you can ad-free access to over 75 million Apple Music songs. It’s also able to download and play exclusive Apple Music offline. Here we go to use Apple Music for free on Best Buy.

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    Get Apple Music 6 Months Free Trial From Individual And Family Plan

    Normally, Apple Music offers 3 months free trial for every new subscriber and once the trial is over, users will have to pay for a plan among the Student plan, Individual plan or Family plan.

    But there’s a trick to get you another 3 months of the free trial. Since the Apple Music Family plan allows up to 6 people to share under one subscription, users can share an extra 3-month free trial by accepting the Family plan invitation. You can ask a friend or family member who has never used Apple Music before to subscribe Apple Music Family plan and invite you into the plan. Then you can enjoy the same 3-month free trial.

    To start a Family plan:

    On iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

    1. Go to Settings, and tap your name

    2. Tap Set Up Family Sharing, then tap Get Started.

    3. Set up your family plan and choose the first feature you’d like to share with your family.

    4. Invite family members by sending iMessage.

    On Mac:

    1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Family Sharing.

    2. Type the Apple ID that you want to use for Family Sharing

    3. Follow the onscreen instructions.

    When you receive the invitation, you can accept it on your phone or Mac and you’ll need to confirm your account and choose the features or services for the family plan.

    Apple Music For Both Iphone And Android

    Free apple music for 6 months

    Verizon affirms that the included Apple Music plan will be usable by iOS and Android customers, as Apple Music has apps for both platforms. Up to now, Verizon phone plans have only ever included free trials of Apple Music, that expired after six months.

    Whats the catch? There appears not to be one. The marketing documentation we saw indicated that prices will not change Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited costs $50 and $60 per month, before taxes and fees.

    Of course, it is possible that Verizon ups prices down the line and uses Apple Music as a bait-and-switch maneuver well have to wait and see on that.

    The move would be similar to T-Mobiles free Netflix offering. The carrier subsidizes the price of basic Netflix for its customers and offers higher tiers for a discounted rate.

    If you are already on the Verizon Beyond Unlimited or Above Unlimited plans, you will soon be able to use the fully unlocked Apple Music for no additional cost. The bonus will obviously be available to new customers too, as well as customers holding on to a grandfathered unlimited plan.

    Verizon customers should look for this Apple Music bonus starting this Thursday, January 17.

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    Top 5 Methods To Get A Free Apple Music Account

    Although Apple Music doesn’t come with a freemium, it allows you to enjoy all features during the free trial period. Any new subscriber downloading the Apple Music app can use these methods to enjoy free access to Apple Music for a limited time. If you currently benefit from the free trial offer and would like to get an extension, you can also use the Family Plan to extend your free account. I’ll explain the top 5 methods with all details you need to know. Read on.

    Verizon Free Apple Music Plans

    • Start Unlimited Free Apple Music for six months
    • Play More Unlimited Free Apple Music for six months
    • Do More Unlimited Free Apple Music for six months
    • Get More Unlimited Free Apple Music as long as you have the plan

    As you can see, pretty much all Verizon plans include either a six-month trial or a no-time limited Apple Music account. If youre looking to take advantage of this perk, you wont have to waste much time as this is something extremely simple to do.

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    How To Get Apple Music Free Trial For 3 Months If Not 6 Months

    Apple Music is a very popular music streaming service. Not just limited to its growing library, but it offers a fantastic user experience and sound quality, especially with lossless audio support and spatial audio support introduced in 2021.

    To get access to Apple Music, you normally need to opt for a monthly subscription of about $10, which can prove to be expensive in the long run. But is it worth it? Unless you try it out, theres no way to figure that out. Hence, you can start by getting Apple Music free trial to test it out. If you feel upbeat about the free Apple Music trial, you could eventually go ahead to purchase a subscription.

    But, how do you get Apple Music free trial? Is there an official promotion offer? Or, is there a specific place where you can find the trial offer? Fret not, here, well cover all the grounds to help you get free Apple Music trial.


    Free Apple Music Trial

    How to Download Music for FREE on ANY Android Device/Phone ...

    When you sign up with a free Apple Music account and password, it means you are one of the Apple Music membership. You can choose one of the Apple Music offers to get started.

    You can get Apple Music free trial for 3 or 6 months. But after that, your Apple Music free account will be automatically switched to a paid one. It will charge you the Apple Music cost without noticing you first if you didn’t cancel it.

    This is different from the items purchased from iTunes which you have ownership of. To avoid being charged, please set an alarm to cancel Apple Music free trial before it expires.

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    How To Get Apple Tv+

    If you have an Apple Music student subscription, you can enjoy free access to Apple TV+ for a limited time. Just open the Apple TV app and start watching Apple Originals. You can’t share your free Apple TV+ access with Family Sharing.

    Apple TV+ isn’t available in all countries and regions. You might be able to use Apple Music but not Apple TV+ in your country or region. Learn what’s available in your country or region.

    How To Switch Between Apple Music Individual And Family Plans

    Apple Music offers three different plans for its usersa $4.99 per month plan for students who sign up with a university email address, a $9.99 individual plan, and a $14.99 family plan that supports up to six Family Sharing accounts . But, once you pick a plan, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it forever.

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    Get 3 Months Of Free Apple Music Trial For Individual Plan

    If you have never subscribed to Apple Music earlier, you can get 3 months of free trial access directly by following the official instructions.

    You can simply launch the Apple Music app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac desktop and then simply sign up or sign in to start the free Apple Music trial for 3 months.

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