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Can You Follow Artists On Apple Music

How To Find Your Artist Id And Fix Artist Association Problems On Music Streaming Platforms

iPhone 6 Tips – How to Follow Artists in Apple Music

Rob D’Amico

When distributing music to the many different streaming outlets like Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud etc., your specific band or artist name can sometimes be associated with a different band or artist profile with the same name. Unfortunately, this is outside the control of DIY music distribution services. Thankfully, you can protect this from happening with your music on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloudall within AvidPlay.

Until all streaming outlets come together and standardize on associating artist IDs, here are some guidelines to follow and make sure it doesnt happen to you on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. Plus, find out where to go to resolve incorrect name associations for other streaming outlets.

How To Find Your Apple Music Artist Id

Apple Music supports an Artist ID/URL in both iTunes and Apple Music with which you can associate all your AvidPlay-distributed music. To find your Apple Music Artist ID

Note: Shazam will also use you Apple Artist ID to ensure your music is associated with the correct artist/band on their platform.

  • Search for your artist name in the iTunes Music Store or in Apple Music.
  • To copy your artist ID, select your artist name, click on the menu next to your name, and select Copy Link.
  • In AvidPlay under your Artist profile, click the Outlet Profile button and paste in the last 7-10 digits of the URL string .
  • Apple Music Vs Youtube Music

    YouTube Music replaced as Googles premier music streaming service, and its an excellent alternative for Android users. Like Spotify, it offers a free ad-supported tier for all music, while Apple Music sticks to premium paid subscriptions.

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    As for paid subscriptions, pricing is virtually identical for the three platforms. However, YouTube Music is included in a YouTube Premium subscription, which also eliminates ads on YouTube videos for $12 a month. This is a great deal if you watch a lot of YouTube videos and cant stand advertising interruptions.

    But where YouTube Music really shines is when you want to listen to obscure music. No other service has the same variety of remixes, mixtapes, and older songs. It also has the uncanny ability to recommend songs that no one has heard of but somehow fit your musical taste perfectly.

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    Music Discovery Tools Excel On Spotify And Apple Music

    Beats1 Radio.

    One of the top reasons to use a streaming service is to discover new music. Both Spotify and Apple Music expose you to new tunes based on what you already like.

    Spotify has tailored playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar that are automatically populated each week with new songs. Apple Music has similar playlists, including New Music Mix.

    When you first sign up for each service, both ask you for your favorite genres and artists to get a baseline reading. Once you start listening more, each gets a clearer picture of your likes and dislikes to help tailor recommendations even further.

    Spotify and Apple Music also have radio stations based around your favorite artists, tracks or genres. Apple Music also has a separate station called Beats1 Radio which is curated and hosted by actual DJs, so you can listen to it in real time like you would a traditional radio station.

    In our experience, Spotify’s algorithmic recommendations for new music based on our listening habits is the most on-point. But Apple Music’s human-curated radio station often uncovers new or unreleased tracks that also appeal.

    Winner: Spotify for playlists, Apple Music for radio lovers

    How Does It Work


    Apple Music is much easier to use now than it was when it first launched in 2015. If you are using an iOS or Mac device, you already have it installed. And its probably set as your default music app. If youre on Android you can from the Play Store, but on Windows youll have to stick to the old iTunes experience.

    Once you have it installed, open it up and youll be greeted by four main sections: Library, For You, Browse, and Radio. Each one has tiles filled with content to listen to right away. On iOS, theres an extra search icon at the bottom right, whereas on Android its located in the upper part of the screen.

    Library is fairly self-explanatory, and it contains your personal music library as well as artists and songs youve saved on the platform. This is also where youll find your saved and custom playlists.

    The For You section is where youll go to discover new music. Apple Music analyzes what youve been listening to and liked/disliked, then recommends similar music using complex algorithms. Browse is another way to find new music, but it relies on Top 100 lists, new releases, and featured playlists rather than your listening history.

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    Apple Music Is A Streaming Service That Allows You To Listen To Over 70 Million Songs

    thai restaurants open near me Content will be hidden using the reason curated artist when apple music has curated an artistâs page and decided there are sufficient instances of a song or catalog available. Claim your apple music for artist profile. United states copyright © 2021 apple inc. An artist image is a jpg or png file that’s displayed next to content on apple music, the itunes store, and shazam in all countries where that content is available.

    Getting Set Up On Apple Music For Artists

    As you now know, Apple Music For Artists is more about checking your stats to see what your fans like, and how they consume your music.

    You firstly need to verify your identity or relationship to the artist.

    Provide as much information as possible to speed up verification, such as links to social media and distributor accounts .

  • To claim your Apple Music For Artists page, sign in to Apple Music using your Apple ID. If you dont have an Apple ID, you can easily create one.
  • To make sure you claim the correct artist page, copy and paste your iTunes Store artist page link into the search, or search for your artist page by artist name.
  • Select one of your albums to verify that you are claiming the correct page.
  • Choose your Role.
  • Fill out the requested application fields. For faster verification, sign in to your social media, distributor, or Shazam For Artists accounts. The more information you are able to provide, the easier it will be to verify your relationship to the artist you are claiming.
  • If you already have a manager, you can add them as an administrator to your profile so they can view your stats. Artists and artist managers with Administrator access are responsible for reviewing additional access requests.

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    Apple Music And Spotify Cost The Same

    Both Spotify and Apple Music offer a free three-month trial period for their premium services, which normally cost $10 a month. It costs $5 for students, $15 for an Apple Music family plan or $16 for a Spotify family plan. You can stream any song from the catalog on demand, plus listen to songs offline.

    Spotify is offering three months of its premium version free to new users until Sept. 30, 2021, while Apple Music is offering six months free for new users through Best Buy.

    Spotify is the only one of the two music services with a free, ad-supported tier, so even if you don’t want to pay for the premium version you can still listen. The caveat is that many albums and playlists require you to listen in shuffle mode rather than sequential play and there’s a limit of six skips per hour.

    Apple Music lets free users stream Beats1 Radio, or you can listen to songs from your iTunes library.

    Spotify also offers a Premium Duo subscription for two users who live at the same address for $13 . And if you’re a student, you’ll get access to Hulu and Showtime as part of your Premium subscription.

    Winner: Spotify

    The free version of Spotify lets you listen to songs on demand, but many playlists and albums can only be listened to on shuffle.

    Leveraging Your Apple Music Analytics

    How to Update Your Apple Music Artist Image | The DIY Musician Guide

    Part of what makes Apple Music for Artists so valuable for an artist and their team is unique insights like absolute play count, average daily listeners, song purchases, and Shazam counts. Those are things you cant really get anywhere else.

    Apple Music for Artists also provides you with percentage changes for plays, listeners, Shazams, Apple radio spins, song purchases, album purchases, and video views across various dimensions from geography to gender and age over days, weeks, months, and years.

    If you want to zoom in on geographic-specific data in particular , Apple Music for Artists also breaks that down with both maps and also tables. So, if you want to see how your Shazams are correlating with your total plays and average monthly listeners in South Africa, for example, Apple Music for Artists makes it easy and intuitive.

    For artists and their teams, having these detailed insights into streaming metrics makes Apple Music for Artists an absolutely essential tool in todays increasingly data-driven industry.

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    Apple Music Removes Ability For Artists To Post To Connect Posts Removed From Artist Pages And For You

    Apple Music Connect appears to slowly be going the way of iTunes Ping. Apple has started notifying Apple Music artists that it is removing the ability for artists to post content to Apple Music Connect, and previously posted Apple Music Connect content is being removed from the For You section and Artist Pages in Apple Music. Connect content will still be viewable through search results on Apple Music, but Apple is removing artist-submitted Connect posts from search in May

    Heres the announcement that artists are receiving today:

    Weve made a few changes to Apple Music that wed like to tell you about.

    Were always looking for ways to enhance our focus on artists and help them better connect to fans. So weve given Artist Pages an all-new design and added new, personalized Artist Radio.

    Today were streamlining music discovery by removing Connect posts from Artist Pages and For You. This means youll no longer be able to post to Connect as of December 13, 2018, but all previously uploaded content will still be searchable until May 24, 2019. You can still create Artist Playlists with the latest version of Apple Music.

    Apple also says Connect posts from artists are no longer supported on this support document.

    As a result, Apple has demoted Connect from a dedicated tab in the Music app to a section buried below music recommendations and personalized playlists in the For You section.

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    Apple Music Distribution Through Music Gateway

    Music Gateway are one of Apple Musics approved partners!

    Our incredible music distribution service gets your music onto all major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and . Whats more, you keep 100% of your sales and we dont get a penny from you.

    We also master your music for free to make sure that you sound the best you can before your release. With a free account, you get 2 free songs to start with and you get more based on your plan.

    In addition, we offer exclusive sync licensing opportunities and free sync representation. As well as press, blog, and music promotion. Hopefully, youll love what we can do for your career and will want to use some of these other amazing services!

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    In The Section Labeled Artist Image You Can Upload A New Image

    how to become an emt in ny Its great features include the ability to download your favorite tracks and play them offline, lyrics in real time, listening across all your favorite devices, new music personalized just for you, curated playlists from our editors, and many more. Apple music has also given artists a new tool: Enter your role and fill out all relevant details for apple’s verification. R& b now radio with nadeska alexis.

    How Are These Radio Stations Different From Apple Music 1

    Best Spotify Tips and Tricks for iPhone

    In Apple Music, there are countless radio stations just waiting to find an audience. These stations take one of two forms. Semi-automated pre-created stations are organized by genres, such as alternative, electronic, and news and sports. Custom stations are those you create and based on your favorite artists or songs.

    Neither option includes live DJs as Apple Music 1 does instead, they use a mix of automated content and custom-curated matches for a neverending sound experience.

    Unlike Apple Music 1 and traditional radio stations, those on Apple Music remember where you left off. When you return to the station, you’ll pick off where you left off.

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    Is Apple Music Or Spotify Right For You

    If you want a free service, Spotify is the clear winner. But if you are looking to pay for a service, your decision may be a little more complicated.

    Apple Music plays well with other Apple devices. If you want voice control on the HomePod, for example, Apple Music is your only option. Spotify, on the other hand, has greater cross-compatibility across lots of different devices, from game consoles to smart speakers.

    It takes time to train each of these services to really get to know your taste. For our money, Spotify does a better job in uncovering and tailoring playlists and recommendations to us through its custom playlists and discovery features. But Apple Music gives you the most flexibility in mixing songs from your own library with new tunes you can stream on demand.

    Of course, Spotify and Apple Music aren’t your only options for streaming music services. To see how they stack up against competitors like Tidal and Amazon, .

    How To Find Your Spotify Artist Id

    Spotify supports three URIs , which are unique identifiers associated with an artist, album, and song. To ensure your music is associated properly

  • To copy your artist ID, go to the Spotify app and Copy your Artist URI from the menu option and paste it into your artist profile within AvidPlay.
  • In AvidPlay under your Artist profile, click the Outlet Profile button and paste in the artist URI in the Spotify Profile URI field .
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    Are There Any Alternatives

    The obvious alternatives include: Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music Unlimited and Tidal. Each of these services allow you to not only stream music but also keep listening when offline, though you’ll need a paid subscription for access to offline-listening as well as other premium features. You can learn more about all these services by checking out the following Pocket-lint round-ups:

    What Does Apple Music For Artists Offer

    Apple Music Social Profile: How To Set It Up

    Apple Music For Artists provides a lot more data to musicians compared to a regular Apple Music account. Artists can easily access the dashboard to see song plays, radio spins and purchases.

    Every time one of your subscribers starts a song from their playlist or library and listens for 30 seconds or more, it is counted as a play. A radio spin is counted if someone listens to your track for 30 seconds plus on an Apple Music radio station.

    Their in-house team curate official apple music playlists, which are extremely hard to get your track included on.

    Any time a customer buys your release from the iTunes store, you will see it counted in purchases.

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    Change Apple Music Genre Preferences On Ios

  • Open Apple Music.

  • Tap For You.

  • In the upper-right, tap your photo .

  • Scroll down to the bottom.

  • Tap View Account.

  • Tap Choose Artists For You.

  • From here, you have a couple of choices. You can manually change or add genres and artists to your liking, and even specifically like or love genres and artists that are important to you. Otherwise, you can reset your music genre preferences completely by tapping Reset.

  • Once youre done tailoring your preferences, save the changes by tapping Done.

  • Apple Music Rolling Out Feature That Displays New Music Notifications From Favorite Artists In Your Library

    Apple today is rolling out a new feature to Apple Music users, prominently displaying new albums, EPs, and videos from their favorite artists at the top of the Library tab in iOS.

    The new feature first appears as a splash page in Apple Music on iOS, telling users that they can “see new music from artists you like.” This will let you get updates about new releases from artists you listen to, with notifications appearing above your library of albums and playlists.

    In settings for the feature, it appears that you can’t specify exactly which artists you want notifications from. You can only choose to turn these notifications on or off, and whether you want to see these notifications in your Library tab or not.

    The updated notifications feature is not available on a wide scale as of writing, but a select group of users do appear to have the update so far. To check, you can visit Apple Music on iPhone or iPad the splash screen will appear for those people who can use the new feature.

    Apple Music has offered push notifications about new albums and music from artists you stream in the past, but these are fairly unreliable. Now that Apple is placing notifications directly within the Apple Music app, the company appears to be trying to offer more dependable information about new album launches.

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