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Can You Add Music To Instagram Stories

How To Add Music To An Instagram Post The Old Way

How To Add Music To Instagram Story

Adding songs to your Instagram story the old way refers to how people used to add tunes before the music feature was introduced. This is how its done:

  • Start playing the song you want to post. It can be any song in your phones library or from a music streaming app.
  • Go to Instagram and open your story, while the song is still playing in the background.
  • Start filming your story by pressing the record button.
  • Make any necessary adjustments to the story. Post it by tapping Your Story in the bottom left corner.
  • When you play your story, youll be able to hear the song in the background. Whats great about this method is the fact that you dont have the 15-second time limit. You can record as many stories as you want to.

    Does The Music Come From Apple Music Or Spotify

    Nope. When you add music to your Instagram Stories, it from Facebooks deal with major record labels.

    Long time I ago, I was confused why Instagram and Spotify didnt collaborate to add music to Instagram. It would benefit the user, Instagram, and Spotify.

    But now you can and without having any copyright issues.

    Id look forward to mixing up my Instagram Story with this new feature! I just hope they have all the songs I like1

    Add Music Directly From Instagram Or Grab Tunes From Your Favorite Music Streaming Services Like Spotify Soundcloud And Shazam Just Follow These Simple Steps

    Instagram Stories are easy to make, but they can require a lot of thought if you want to make them truly entertaining. Thankfully, Instagram offers a number of tools to help make your stories as fun as possible.

    Maybe you’ve got some great photos or videos and some cool filters and stickers to layer on top, but your story is still missing one important factormusic. Instagram offers a selection of tunes from its own library and your favorite music streaming services, like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Shazam. Here’s everything you need to know about music and Instagram.

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    How To Add Music To A Video Post With Tempo

    Tempo is a free video editing app with cool filters and transitions effects, plus a music library full of free, licensed music you can add to your videos. Heres how to use Tempo to add a track to your Instagram video post:

  • Open the Tempo app.
  • Press the video button on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the video button at the top-left of the screen.
  • Select the clips you wish to use.
  • Tap the orange check mark.
  • Press the music button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Open the music library.
  • Navigate to the song you wish to use.
  • Tap Use.
  • Select the audio underneath to trim or edit it.
  • Press Save and select your export size.
  • Press the Instagram button to share to Instagram.
  • Select Open.
  • Select Post.
  • Publish your Instagram post.
  • Tempo is free to download and use for a three-day trial, but after that, you have to sign up for a paid subscription to access its features.

    How To Add Spotify Music To Your Instagram Story

    You Can Now Add Music to Your IG Story With Instagram

    In the Spotify app, find the song you would like to share and open it in full-screen.

    Press the button in the bottom right corner to open the menu. This is the button that looks like three dots connected.

    From the menu, select . This will open the Instagram mobile app.

    From Instagram, select the button in the bottom right corner.

    Finally, select Your Story and then to add this Spotify song to your Instagram story.

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    Why Cant I Add Music To My Instagram Story

    Trying to add music to your Instagram Story but having trouble? There could be a few reasons why youre experiencing that glitch:

    • Your app isnt up to date. If you cant find the music sticker in your Stories, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app first. Sometimes a quick update is all thats needed to bring your music-adding capabilities back.
    • The music feature is not available in your country. If you reinstall the app and theres still no sticker, it could be because your country isnt on the list of those that can access music for Stories. Right now, the feature is available in only 60 countries, including the United States, New Zealand, France, Australia, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Japan, and Portugal. If your country is not on the list, you can use ClearVPN and its shortcut Unlock Instagram Music. Once you hit that shortcut, ClearVPN will connect your iPhone to the IP of a country where Instagram music stickers are available.

    How To Add Music To An Instagram Post Using Add Background Music To Video

    Another app that allows you to add background music to your Instagram videos is a highly useful tool with a self-explanatory name: Add Background Music To Video. While this app doesnt have a massive library of songs for you to choose from, it is free to use and is compatible with iTunes or any other library of MP3 files you have downloaded.

    Heres how to use it:

  • Open Add Background Music To Video.
  • Press Start.
  • Choose your video and publish it as you normally would.
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    How To Add Any Music To Your Instagram Stories

    Instagram Stories are there to let you communicate in a variety of ways with your followers, and share less polished pictures and videos.

    IG Stories can also be great places to share the music you’re listening to your followers are always looking for new tracks and new artists, and people often post screenshots of their favorite music to share with their friends.

    Even better: you can add music directly to your Instagram Story, whether it’s a photo or a video, and give your followers a preview of your playlist. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Find the song and the photo or video you want to add to your story
  • Add the song to your photo or video in the Kapwing Studio
  • Additional Edits And Customization Options

    How to Add Music to Instagram Story

    Dont miss out on Instagrams awesome edits and customization features. You can experiment with plenty of things to make your Instagram story even more fun and appealing.

    For example, if lyrics are available for the soundtrack you choose, you can choose from a variety of different fonts and colors.

    Your audience will be able to watch your story and tap the lyrics to listen to the song. You might be wondering if there are more ways to add an audio file to your Instagram Story?

    There are more methods to get it done.

    You can do so using some of the popular music streaming apps.

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    Put Music On Instagram Story After Capturing A Photo Or Video

    To add music and various songs to create fun-filled Instagram stories, here are the simple steps you need to follow:

    • Open up the Instagram app and tap on the Camera button present in the top left corner.
    • Once you are on the Instagram Story camera UI, you have to take an image or make a video .
    • Once you have clicked the desired photo or video, you have to select the Sticker option available at the top, next to various other options.
    • The Sticker option now contains the Instagram Music sticker, sandwiched between the GIF sticker and the Time sticker.
    • Once you select the sticker, you can choose from many song options available. The song options are divided into three sections: Popular, Genres, and Moods.
    • After you pick a song for your Instagram story, you can select the time stamp of the song .
    • Additionally, you can choose how you want your song to appear: with song lyrics , just the name of the song, or with the song cover.
    • You can add final changes to your story and once satisfied you are good to go.
    • Make sure you disable the audio for the recorded clip so it doesnt interrupt the music.

    Want More Real Instagram Followers

    Many social media innovations are geared toward improving user experience. Enhanced interactivity, in particular, definitely encourages increased user engagement. On Instagram, the option to add music to a story has leveled up the fun factor for both story creators and viewers. Theres no doubt that engaging as many of the senses as possible makes for a more realistic and enjoyable experience on the platform.

    Have you tried out this feature yet? Adding music to your Story is simple, and its also an easy way to create content that will appeal to more people and help you earn more followers. Keep reading to find out how you can start creating stories that are aesthetically pleasing to both the eyes and ears!

  • Final Thoughts
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    The Spotify & Apple Music Apps

    One way to get your music on Instagram Stories is to share your music straight from the Spotify App on your phone. When you share from it your Story will display your cover art or Canvas, song title, and your artist name, along with a link which will show up under your username for fans to click which will lead them to your track on Spotify. Using the Spotify App unfortunately does not offer a way for your music to play during your story.

    The same goes for the Apple Music App. When you share to your Story, it will display your cover art, song title, and your artist name, along with a link which will show up under your username for fans to click which will lead them to your track on Spotify. Using the Apple App unfortunately does not offer a way for your music to play during your story !

    Instagram Hasnt Released Music For Instagram Stories In Your Country

    How to Add Music to an Instagram Story

    If you live outside of the US, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe, you will not have the option to add music to your Stories, and you wont be able to play music on the Stories you come across. Instagram may start rolling out the feature to additional countries in the future, but for now, all youll get is an error message when trying to access it.

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    How To Add Music In Instagram Stories

    Ready to add a soundtrack to your Instagram Stories? Follow the steps below and youll be posting stories with your favorite beat in no time.

    First, download the latest version of the Instagram app on iOS or Android. Next, open the Instagram Stories camera and take or upload a photo or video.

    Once thats done, tap the stickers button at the top of the screen and choose the music sticker.

    This will open the Instagram music library where youll find thousands of songs to choose from.

    You can scroll through a For You tab of suggested songs, browse by categories, or search for a specific song.

    Instagrams music library is filled with popular songs and artists like Beyoncé, Guns N Roses, and Ariana Grande all thanks to .

    NOTE: If you have a business account, you may only have a limited selection of music due to .

    When youre happy with your song choice, you can fast-forward and rewind through the track to choose the exact part that fits your story.

    You can also choose how long you want the music clip to play for .

    If lyrics are available for the song you select, they should pop up on your screen.

    You can then choose different fonts and designs for them, and edit which part of the song you want to play.

    When someone watches your story, they can tap the lyrics to learn more about the artist or listen to the song.

    Finally, you can customize what the sticker looks by tapping it before publishing:

    Now youre ready to As usual, you can add GIFs, polls, or even hashtags.

    Inspiring Creativity With Instagram Stories Music

    Music is a gateway to the soul. It can broadcast your authentic personality and what youre trying to say creatively. It can also give your audience a sneak peek into who you are and what you like.

    Music also enhances emotions and moods, giving your Instagram Story added depth and meaning.

    So basically, it can give you an entirely new and memorable way to connect with your followers and enhance your engagement!

    Whether its showing them a portion of your new favorite song, or bonding over nostalgic lyrics, music gives you another window to connect with and make an imprint on your audience.

    Plus, if you tag the band/artist, theres always a chance for a re-share!

    So, how do you share music in Instagram Stories? Let me know below!

    Until next time, cool cats.

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    Search For Music To Use On Instagram

    When you click on the Instagram Music Sticker, you will be able to see the Instagram music library. This library has thousands of songs that you can choose to add music from.

    In the Instagram music library, youll see three different options to add music: Popular, Genres, and Moods. You can use these options as filters to look for the best music that fits with your Instagram Stories.

    Alternatively, to add music with a Music Sticker, you can just type the name of the song you are looking for in the search bar. The search bar is at the top of the screen.

    All the songs that are featured in this library are licensed for use on Instagram Stories and will let you add music with a Music Sticker.

    Image via Instagram

    How To Add Background Music To Your Instagram Story

    How to Add Background Music to Instagram Stories

    Over just a few years, Facebook-owned Instagram has added a surplus of features to make it one of the best and most popular social media apps as of today. Talking about my personal experience, presently, even my favorite is Instagram thanks to all the exciting features it has.

    Among them, one exciting feature is Instagram Music, which introduces the ability to add music to Instagram stories. However, when it was introduced a year ago it was available in select countries.

    When it was announced, I wished to use the feature as it would have spared me the hack of adding music to stories by recording music from another device.

    Now that the Instagram Music feature has arrived on Indian shores, read on to find out how to use the Instagram Music feature:

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    Can You Also Add Music To An Instagram Post

    Unfortunately, you wont be able to do this as easily as with IG stories the option is not available within the app. Additionally, you can only add a song to a video post this is not possible with a photo. You can either record a video with the song you like playing in the background or use a video editing tool to add music to your video. But take note of to make sure that you wont be in violation of any music copyright.

    How To Add Music To Instagram Stories Without The Sticker

    You can also add music to your Instagram Stories through the SoundCloud and Spotify app! While these options wont directly play the music in your Stories, you can still share the song and album cover, and if someone clicks on the link, theyll be taken to the respective app to listen.

    Easy peasy, right? Right. *Cue finger guns*

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    Add Music In Instagram

    You can add music directly to your story using Instagrams library. Tap the plus icon at the top of the app, then scroll to Story on the bottom navigation bar. You can also long-press Your Story and tap Add to Your Story or swipe to the right to open your camera, then select Your Story after the photo or video is captured.

    At the camera screen, snap your photo or video. You can also swipe up to see your photo library, then select what you want to add. Apply whatever filters or special effects you want. When you’re ready to add a tune to your story, tap the Sticker icon and then tap the Music sticker.

    At the Music screen, browse through the different sections and genres to find a tune. You can also use the search field at the top of the screen to search for particular music by song, artist, or album. Spot a song you like? Tap the Play button to hear a short clip.

    When you’re ready to make a selection, tap the song you want in your story. You will have the opportunity to scroll through the song and decide what sound clip will play over your story. Move the slider bar until you find the section you want added.

    Some songs offer multiple images from which you can choose, so tap the music thumbnail to change the image. Some even offer lyrics that appear on the screen as the music plays. When you’re happy with the image you’ve chosen, tap Done and the song is added to your story in the form of a sticker.

    How To Use The Instagram Music Library

    How to Add Music to an Instagram Story

    The most direct way to add music to your Instagram story or post is to use the platforms built-in music library. They have a wide selection of music, and youre sure to find a song that fits your mood.

    Start your Insta story by tapping the Plus icon or swiping right from your home feed. At the camera screen, you can take a new photo or video, or use one you already have.

    Once you have your image or video ready, youll be able to add special effects, text, and stickers. To add music, tap the Sticker icon. Youll see several sticker options like the date, hashtags, gifs, and others. The Music sticker is there tootap on that.

    Now youll see Instagrams music library. There, you can scroll through a list of songs recommended for you. You can also search for a certain song or browse the library by genre. Not sure if youll like a song? Click the Play icon next to it to hear a preview before posting it to your Insta story.

    Once you have the song you want for your Insta story, tap it. Youll be brought back to your image or video where you can select which part of the song plays and the song image thatll be displayed on your story.

    Simply drag the slider bar at the bottom of the screen to adjust which part of the song will play in your story. Remember, Instagram allows up to 15 seconds of music, but you can shorten the duration by clicking on the number-15 circle in the bottom-left of the screen.

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