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Can Twitch Streamers Play Music

How Do Streamers Listen To Popular Music While Streaming

Twitch Streamers Can’t Play Music so KSI and 21Savage Respond

So I didnt even think about copyright, because there are so many streams I have watched where the streamer is listening to WELL KNOWN songs, whether its k-pop, classic rock, etc.

How are they able to do this? I really want to listen to music while I play!

Its technically illegal and youre at risk because of the copyright stuff, but getting action taken against you is so unlikely to occur its ridiculous.

I thought it was really common, until I saw big streamers doing it and im like wtf

Live stream there’s no concerns outside of the rare DMCA. VODs however will have random muted segments.

Edit: as MrGoodhand mentions below, either way, most of the popular music is copyrighted and illegal for free use such as streaming. As far as I can say, it’s extremely rare to find a popular song that is not illegal to be used for personal use, such as streaming.

Can You Use 30 Seconds Of A Copyrighted Song

This is one of the most common misconceptions. Unfortunately, this is not true and there is no bright line rule that says a use is an acceptable use as long as you only use 5, 15, or 30 seconds of a song. Any use of copyrighted material without permission is, according to U.S. copyright law, copyright infringement.

What Is Copyrighted Music And Why Does It Matter

Copyrights are the rights creators keep when they write and record a song. These rights include the exclusive right to make, sell and distribute their music. That includes the right to stream their music, which technically falls under the umbrella of music distribution.

Copyright holders have the right to make money from different revenue streams, including streaming. Music copyrights can get complicated, but basically, playing music during a live stream falls under the umbrella of a live performance. Its the same as a radio station or background music in a restaurant.

Restaurants and radio stations purchase something called a blanket license so they can legally play any songs they want. In other words, they have permission to play any and all music. If a restaurant or radio station didnt pay for a blanket license, they could be fined, sued or both.

Live streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch dont pay for you to use music under a blanket license, and it wouldnt make financial sense for you to buy your ownyoud need a lot of streamers to be able to afford it.

But what if you record your live stream and publish it later? Even if you had rights to play the song on your stream, it doesnt mean you have the right to reproduce the song in your video later. Its confusing, but its a different licensea synchronization license.

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Can I Play Spotify On Twitch 2021

On June 8, Twitch announced an update to the rules for the use of music content on broadcasts. Streamers were prohibited from using any tracks protected by copyright. That is, Twitch began to use the same system as YouTube. Twitch is now prohibited from playing tracks from music streaming services such as Spotify.

How To Play Music On Twitch

How to Play Music on a Twitch Stream

Twitch has become a powerhouse in the social space, bringing communities together around the hobbies and content creators that they love.

As a new entertainment hub, Twitch is attracting everyone from established celebrities to unknown gamers and giving them a platform to build a unique audience.

But Twitch wasnt always an established juggernaut online. In fact, Twitch spent its first decade of life as a wild west for different types of content. And if there were rules, nobody seemed all that interested in upholding and enforcing them.

Unfortunately, that has started to change in the past two or three years.

Companies are finally paying attention to Twitch and looking to piggyback off its success. Or, more specifically, they are looking to claim a chunk of the ad revenue that is the dream of every aspiring streamer.

One particular area of conflict and confusion has been on music licensing and streamers understanding of how to play music on Twitch.

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Can You Sing Copyrighted Music On Twitch

Rules for cover songs on Twitch are simple enough. Streamers are allowed to cover other music on Twitch so long as they do not use any of the original recordings, soundtracks, or vocals of copyrighted music unless the get the rights to use them. Playing music live as part of your content is allowed as long as you create every aspect of it.

The exception to this rule is Twitch Sings, which often uses some of the original recordings as Twitch has leased the rights of the copyrighted music until January 2021.

Tyler Lyle Has Just Cleared All Of His Music As Being Stream Safe

It seems that Stream Safe music is becoming a trend, actually. Tyler Lyle recently tweeted that all of his music is considered stream safe. So if you are looking for some Country style music, this might be a good option for you. So go on and stream it for your audience!

I hadnt heard of Tyler until EposVox had tweeted about it earlier, so thanks to him for pointing it out! I can say that I enjoyed his work and can recommend them for your stream music needs.

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Playing Music On Twitch: What Are The Rules

Published by Emergence on March 1, 2021

Music has become a grey area on Twitch. Are you allowed to play any music like everyone seems to do? And if not, what music is legally allowed to be played on Twitch?

Weve all heard of the people who have had their stream taken down because of a DMCA copyright claim by a record label or musician, but surely that wont happen to me too?

Why Did Twitch Need This

Avoid Twitch DMCA and play COPYRIGHTED music on your stream easily, for free! Use Spotify! #stopdmca

Twitch made himself safe to avoid multi-million dollars lawsuits from copyright holders for violating their copyrights. This decision is disastrous for music channels, DJs, and musicians and just for bloggers. Musicians who sing or cover music, DJs who put their sets together live, dance channels and those who have used the ability to order any music track to be played live through a special function in the donation section will suffer the most.

There’s a ton of music that’s allowed to be used. Yes, it won’t be the most recent, popular, and familiar hits, but it’s enough for background, but not enough and interesting for their audience.

But we shouldn’t expect streamers to leave in droves for other venues, because it’s not fatal for most people. Musicians and those who are closely connected to music are already chasing from everywhere if they want to make money, moreover, they are ready to pay for their success. Twitch remains the most successful platform, and the gap will only widen further. It’s unlikely that anyone can beat it. All content distribution platforms have their own rules about copyrights.

A ban on the use of music would not be a big problem for streamers if musicians were allowed to use their tracks. It is clear that not everyone will benefit from it, but some people could use the extra PR. Such famous artists as T-Pain and Drake stepped into the streamers’ side and were allowed to use their tracks in broadcasts for free.

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Using Soundtrack By Twitch

The platform released a collection of curated royalty-free music Twitch streamers can use in their sessions to make things easier. Soundtrack by Twitch is a free plugin that can be integrated with two popular pieces of streaming software OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS. The fantastic tool enables you to elevate your gameplay by adding an engaging soundtrack without compromising the safety of your channel.

Sadly, the beta version is currently only available for PC users. However, Twitch ensures that future releases will be compatible with other platforms and devices. There are also a few system requirements for your computer:

  • A 64-bit, Windows 10 operating system
  • At least 2GB of RAM
  • A 40 GB hard-disk
  • A Dual Core computer processor
  • A 1-MBPS network speed
  • Either external or internal speakers or headphones for playback

If you check all the boxes, you can download the plugin and configure it with OBS Studio by following these steps:

  • Open your browser and go to this website to install the Soundtrack plugin.
  • Next, launch OBS Studio. Scroll to the Sources box and click on the tiny + button.
  • A pop-up panel will appear. The plugin will be automatically added to the list of available sources as VOD Audio for Soundtrack by Twitch.
  • Next, to configure the tool with OBS properly, navigate to the Audio Mixer box. Then click on the tiny gear icon next to the VOD Audio for Soundtrack by Twitch source.
  • From the drop-down list, click on Advanced Audio Properties.
  • Types Of Stream Safe Music

    There are many types of music you can play on Twitch.

    Copyright free music is a category of music which, for one reason or another, is not under legal copyright. This means that it can be played in Twitch streams. Public domain and Creative Commons music can also be played, although sometimes it will need to be credited.

    Music libraries are another good option for finding stream safe music, and as mentioned before, we have our own free library of copyright-cleared music for easy and safe use in stream and video. Download songs from Music Cellar here, or check out this article for further information on finding good background music for streaming.

    Stream-Safe music mode is a handy setting in Twitch that prevents copyrighted music from being streamed. A scenario where this could be used might be when live streaming a video game. Some games contain copyrighted music, so these sections would need to be muted, but for the rest of the stream the audience would want to hear the sound effects and dialogue. This setting protects streamers from accidentally violating copyright and receiving DMCA strikes.

    This feature can be turned on in the stream settings, under âonly play stream-safe musicâ.

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    Here Are Some Popular Choices For Streamer Gear

    Hey, thanks for reading the article! So Ive compiled this small resource for you guys in case you may be on the lookout for some handy or helpful things to add to your streaming setup. Some of you may be new to streaming, and may not know about this stuff, so I wanted to bring this stuff to your attention.

    There are a large number of cool products designed to make the lives of streamers and content creators easier or to improve the quality of their setup. Before I do list them though, I strongly recommend that you do your research and check reviews from multiple sources, even beyond those Ive included here. It is never bad to get a second, third, or even fourth opinion before you make an investment.

    Microphones: One of the most popular microphones for live streaming is the Elgato Wave 3 or Wave 1. This microphone is great for streamers because it gives you a ton of control over your audio chain, mimicking some of the features of the venerable GoXLR virtually, without all the wires and complexity.

    Here are some reviews that you can reference so you can decide whether or not youd like to get one for yourself:

    Are You Allowed To Play Music On Twitch


    Twitch and music. It can be summarized in one word confusing. The majority of streamers that play music in their streams do so with little regard for copyright law. However, Twitch recently issued several DMCA takedowns and effectively prevented streamers from using the platform if they continue playing music they dont have the rights to.

    Its not uncommon to find streamers playing todays top hits or yesterdays classics. Streamers sometimes also take song requests, giving their audience control of the music. In the past, the music industry hasnt taken action but thats changing. Just last year, many popular streamers were hit with 24-hour bans on the platform for playing copyrighted music. So what are the rules? The punishments? And what can you do to protect yourself?

    What were seeing right now, not only on Twitch but on most streaming platforms, is an increased eagerness to respect copyright laws. People realize that creators intellectual property needs to be prioritized, for obvious reasons. However, listening to your moral compass does not mean you cant or shouldnt play music in your streams. You are allowed to play music on Twitch as long as you follow the rules. Lets get into it.

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    What Are The Rules

    It’s like YouTube here – don’t use other people’s tracks without special permission. User videos go through the appropriate scanning process, and if someone else’s music lasts more than 15 seconds and the owner of the video doesn’t have a special license, the video can be removed from public access altogether without the possibility of recovery and after several such violations, the channel may be permanently blocked.

    What Can Happen To My Channel If I Play Copyrighted Music

    There are currently two things that can happen if you play copyrighted music. The first is the most common. If uploading recorded Twitch streams on YouTube featuring music that you dont have a license to use, you risk having your content claimed and/or taken down. This often leaves massive gaps in videos where there is no audio. Its generally considered an acceptable loss by streamers.

    The second is less common but may become increasingly common in the future. The punishment is a 24-hour ban on your channel. It occurs when the person who owns the rights to music you played on stream sends a DMCA takedown request against you. Famously, Maroon 5 and Juice WRLD issued mass DMCA takedowns in 2018, which saw major streamers banned for 24 hours.

    The long-term effects of playing copyrighted music in your streams could be channel termination. Twitch has a three-strike policy for DMCA takedowns. Your first offense results in a 24-hour ban. Your second offense causes a 24-hours to 7-days ban. Your third offense will be an indefinite or permanent ban on Twitch. Also, it is worth noting that DMCA bans never are expunged from your record. When you get banned for something else, you generally have a 90-day probationary period, but DMCA bans remain part of your profile in perpetuity. Learn more about Twitch’s music guidelines here.

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    How Can Some Streamers Still Play Copyrighted Music Without Issues At All

    The vast majority of the time Twitch will mute the vods to avoid further DMCA issues. There is still a chance that streaming copyrighted material will get you in trouble, but most streamers just assume “it won’t happen to me”. It isn’t legal to stream copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder, but it is done anyway.

    The recent issue that you might be referencing was that ‘clips’ were not treated the same way as VODs and they weren’t getting muted when copyrighted material was in them, causing a large wave of DMCA take-down requests. This happened back in June/July and it was mostly targeting clips from 2017-2019.

    It did spur Twitch to update their policy on music, which can be found here

    How To Determine Copyrights

    BEST Copyright FREE Music For Your Twitch Stream! – DMCA Safe In 2021!

    There are three ways to tell if a song you want to use on your live stream is copyrighted or not :

  • Look at the sheet music: If you happen to have sheet music for the song you want to play, the name of the copyright holder will be printed on the bottom of the first page.
  • Check with organizations: You can search for copyrighted songs with organizations that have catalogs of registered songs. A quick search of your chosen song will let you know the copyright holder.
  • General search: You can try to search for the song with the US Copyright Office or the Harry Fox Agency. If those two options fail, then try a general web search.
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    How To Add Music To Twitch Stream

    On their Music Guidelines page, Twitch makes it very clear that no users are supposed to use copyrighted music on their content, be it live streams, past broadcasts, and premieres, highlights, clips, and uploads.

    Music that can be shared on Twitch should either belong to a user or a user needs to have permission to play it . Other music that can be played is from Twitch Sings such as Monstercat.

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    How then do you add music?

    Music is a beautiful spice that gives a bland live stream the energy it needs. A silent video will always feel strange. As pointed out, copyrighted music is a no-no. You can get banned when Twitch discovers that you are playing music illegally if you know what that means.

    You can use either use Nightbot or Spottybot to add music to your Twitch stream. Since Spottybot is only available in select countries, this article will focus on how you can add music using Nightbot.

    Using Nightbot to add music to Twitch Stream

    If you dont know, Nightbot is a chatbot developed by NightDev. It will help you to add music to your Twitch stream. Nightbot can add music from Sound Cloud, Spotify , and YouTube to your live stream.

    Before you start the steps that follow, you need to sign into Nightbot using your Twitch account.

  • Visit and click the purple button Sign Up in the middle of the screen or the Login button at the top right corner.
  • Then, authorize Nightbot to have control over your channel.
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