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Can I Share My Apple Music Library

How To Make Playlists Public On Spotify

Share iTunes Library Between Devices

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation The music streaming service Spotify lets you listen to your favorite tunes on your computer or smartphone. With this music-streaming service, you may organize your music by album, artist, genre, playlist, or record label, among other options. You can also choose whether or not to make your Spotify playlists public or private. When you make your playlist visible to the public, others will be able to see what youre currently listening to.

  • 1
  • s2 Access your Spotify account by entering your username and password. To access the login page for Spotify, go to the companys main page and click on Log In. To access your account, enter your registered email address and password in the fields given, and then click on Log in to gain access to your account.
    • If you didnt log out during your last session, you will most likely still be logged in, allowing you to go to the next stage
    • Otherwise, click here.
  • 1 Open up Spotify and listen to some music. For the software to be launched, double-click on the programs shortcut icon on your desktop screen.
    • If you dont have a shortcut to the software on your desktop, you may find it in the Start menu, under the All Programs list, by searching for it. Once youve located it, click on it.
    • 2 Sign in to your account. Please enter your registered email address and password in the blanks given before clicking Log in on the green Log in button.

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    Dont Forget To Search For Playlists Too

    Was it ever brought to your attention that Apple Music is curated by humans? While there is a strong emphasis on providing predictive choices based on your listening habits, there is also a staff of curators that are constantly updating and producing playlists for your enjoyment. If youre looking for anything specific, just search. Try looking for a specific genre, a band or producer, an album, or even a specific mood or activity on the internet. The suggested playlists may be found by scrolling down in your search results.

    • Headspace is a collection of electronic, acoustic, and ambient music that may be used to increase productivity and maintain concentration. Vaporwave Essentials: A succinct introduction to a genre that serves as a jumping off point for further musical exploration
    • Grind Your Core: This playlist has some of the most violent music ever recorded, and it may be just what you need to kickstart your new workout program at the gym. Sampled: Blue Note Records: A collection of tracks sampled by contemporary artists from the legendary jazz label, as part of the Sampled series of playlists
    • Sampled: Blue Note Records: A collection of tracks sampled by contemporary artists from the legendary jazz label

    Is There An Apple Music Student Subscription

    Students get the same Apple Music features and benefits as individual members. Once your student status with your college or university is verified, you get student membership pricing for up to four years, as long as you remain a student. After four years, your membership will continue at the individual member price.

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    How Do I See What My Friends Are Listening To

    With just a few clicks, you can see what songs your friends are listening to.

    1. Open the Apple Music app.

    2. Tap Listen Now.

    3. Tap Friends Are Listening To.

    If youre interested in a particular person, heres how to open their profile:

    1. Open the Apple Music app.

    2. Access your profile.

    3. Find the person in question under Following or Followers and tap their profile picture.

    S To Download Apple Music By Imusic

    Share your iTunes library over your home network

    Step 1: Click âDOWNLOADâ in the âGET MUSICâ window. After then you can see a URL paste box as well as access to several popular music sites.

    Step 2: Open Apple Music, Copy the URL of the song on the site. Then paste the URL of the song to the URL paste box in iMusic, check the needed music format and click âDownloadâ.

    Step 3: Another option for downloading is to navigate to the music site from those indicated below the URL blank, then search the music you want to download. Select the music format and quality, click âDownloadâ to begin the download process as mentioned before.

    Step 4: Once completed the download process, the downloaded songs will be automatically added to your iTunes Library automatically. Click “LIBRARY”, then download icon on the left side to check out the songs.

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    What Can You Do With Apple Music And Family Sharing

    The most important thing that this feature of Apple Music lets you is, it helps you to get organized. One adult in the household can pay for the different types of contents on the iTunes store. He can invite a total of five people to join him to share various digital contents. Whatever is being purchased in the iTunes and App Store can be shared by the person with his family members. To create a family group, the family members need to join in and thus, the contents can be shared to the devices of the family members automatically. Sharing has never been easier. You will be able to share videos, songs, albums, and films with your near and dear ones.

    Once all the family members join in, anything one purchase from the Apple Music and the iTunes stores appears on the purchased tab on these stores. The family members can view all the purchases here and will be able to download the required contents to their devices, without any extra cost at all. Each of the family members in the circle will be able to see each otherâs purchases and will be able to choose the ones they would like. You will be able to access each others digital content. Now, you can share your contents with your family members too. Family sharing of contents is easy and convenient. This feature of Apple Music also allows you to keep certain purchases private in case you do not want your family members to know everything you purchase from the iTunes or the App Store.

    Fix 1 Verify The Apple Id On Your Devices

    The first thing you will want to do is ensure the Apple ID used on your device is the one that was used to purchase the subscription. It must also be the same ID that you use to connect to your family members on your devices. The following is how you verify the Apple ID on your Apple devices.

    Verify Apple ID on an iOS device

    On an iOS-based device such as an iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app and tap on your name. The following screen will display the Apple ID that you use on that particular device.

    Verify Apple ID on a Mac

    If you are a Mac user, click on the Apple logo at the top-left corner of your screen and select System Preferences. On the following screen, click on iCloud and you should be able to view your Apple ID.

    Ensure the ID is the same as your Apple Music subscription. If it is not, log out of that account and log back in using the correct ID.

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    Fix 2 Check The Features You Share With Family

    Apple allows you to selectively share content with your family members and it could be the case that Apple Music sharing is disabled in your account. In that case, all you need to do is enable the music sharing option and your family members will have access to your Apple Music subscription.

    Ensure Apple Music sharing is turned on Image credit

    On your iOS based device, launch the Settings app and tap on your name. Tap on Family Sharing on the following screen and ensure the Apple Music option is turned on. If it is not, turn it on to allow your family members access to your music subscription.

    Bonus Tip: How To Share Music Between Iphones With Anytrans

    How To Share/Transfer Music From iPhone Music Library via SHAREit (Without Computer)

    If you find sharing music between the iPhones of your family members to be a bit too much of a task, you have a great alternate method available that lets you share music between your devices easily and effortlessly.

    What makes the task so easy is an app called AnyTrans that allows users like you to easily transfer content including music from one iPhone to another. There are many other reasons as well as why you should choose this app over any other for your music transfer tasks.

    • User-friendly interface the app provides you with an extremely easy to use interface for you to perform your transfer tasks.
    • Unlike the traditional iOS backup and restore methods, the app does not delete any of your data on your devices while or after transferring your music files.
    • It transfers your music files at a faster rate than anything else.

    If you think it is worth giving AnyTrans a try to share your music files between iPhones, the following is how you do it.

    Step 1: the AnyTrans app on your computer. Plug-in both of your iPhones to your computer at the same time. Click on the Music icon in the app to view available files.

    * 100% Clean & Safe

    Transfer Music Between iPhone with Anytrans

    Step 2: On the categories screen, click on the option that says Songs and then choose the musics that you want to transfer > Click on To Device button > It is for sharing music files between your iPhones.

    Select the Playlist and Send to iPhone

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    How To Create Your Apple Music Profile

    Even though Apple has given up trying to run its own social media platform for music, youll still need to set up your Apple Music profile before you can share a playlist.

    Sharing options wont appear until you create your profile. To do this:

  • Open the Apple Music app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • In the Listen Now tab, select your profile picture in the top-right.
  • Tap Set up Profile.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set a username, find contacts, follow friends, and choose who can follow you.
  • Once your profile is created, select which playlists you want to show up on your profile.
  • Family Sharing Share Your Favorite Things With Your Favorite People

    Family Sharing lets you and up to five other family members share access to amazing Apple services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, and Apple Card.1 Your group can also share iTunes, Apple Books, and App Store purchases, an iCloud storage plan, and a family photo album. You can even help locate each others missing devices.

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    Can’t Get Family Sharing In Apple Music To Work Here’s The Fix

    Next to iTunes Match, Apple Music’s Family plan seems to be the big point of confusion surrounding Apple Music. How do you set it up? What log ins do you need? What do families share?

    Here’s what you need to know about setting up and troubleshooting your Apple Music Family plan.

    Share Apple Music Playlists To New Account

    How to share playlists on Apple Music with friends ...

    To share Apple Music playlist:

    1. Open Apple Music on your phone.

    2. Tap playlist under the Library tab.

    3. Scroll down to find a playlist you want to share and tap on it.

    4. Tap the three-dots on the top of the playlist to open the menu, then tap Share Playlist.

    5. You can share your playlists to an app. Then log out of your old Apple Music account and log in to your new one. Tap the share information stored in the app you’ve previously shared, then open these playlists with your new account and save them to your library.

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    Hide Your Itunes Store Purchases

    Family members can hide their individual iTunes Store purchases from other family members.

  • In the Music app on your Mac, choose Account > Family Purchases.

  • A list of purchases for the selected content type appears.

  • Move the pointer over the item you want to hide, click the Delete button , then click Hide.

  • To see purchases youve hidden, choose Account > Account Settings, sign in , then click Manage to the right of Hidden Purchases . To make a hidden item visible again, click the items Unhide button.

    Explore Apple Music Or Try Something Different

    Youve made it all the way to the end of our Apple Music introduction! Congratulations! If youre new to Apple Music, this guide should get you up and running quickly in terms of making, sharing, and finding new playlists. And if youre a seasoned Apple Music user, perhaps the suggested playlists can provide some entertainment for you. Apple Music is simply one of a slew of high-profile music streaming services, each of which has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you dont only use Apple products and are debating whether or not to try another streaming service, feel free to look into Spotify or Google Play Music, which are both free.

    • Spotify vs.
    • Google Play Music: Which Is the Best?
    • Apple Music vs.
    • Continue reading this article Tim Brookes is the author of this book Tim works as a freelance writer in Melbourne, Australia, where he lives with his family.
    • Tim Brookes has more to say.

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    How To Sync Smart Playlists To Your Phone

    Its pretty simple to sync your smart playlist with your phone. On iTunes, go to Edit > Preferences. Then tick the iCloud Music Library, your songs and playlists will then be synced to all your devices.

    To be able to view your synced smart playlists on your phone, youll also need to turn on iCloud Music Library on your phone:

    1. Go to Settings on your phone, tap Music.

    2. Tap the iCloud Music Library toggle to enable it.

    How To Sync Your Apple Music Library From Iphone & Ipad

    iTunes Home Sharing on iPhone, iPod, and iPad

    Keep in mind that youll only find the option to sync your music library if you have an Apple Music subscription or youre paying for the iTunes Match service. The following steps are applicable as long as youre running a fairly recent version of iOS and iPadOS.

  • First, open the Settings app from the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  • In the settings menu, scroll down and find the Music app thats located along with the rest of the stock apps. Tap on it to proceed.
  • Here, youll find the toggle to sync your music library. The feature should be enabled already, but set the toggle to disabled, wait for a few seconds, and then re-enable the toggle.
  • Thats pretty much all you need to do. Your Music app will now begin syncing the content stored on your iCloud music library.

    At this point, you just need to wait for the syncing process to finish. Depending on the size of your music library, and the speed of your internet connection, this could take a while, so be patient.

    Basically, by disabling the feature for a bit and enabling it again, youre forcing a re-sync of the data to hopefully restore the missing content thats not showing up on your iPhone and iPad.

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    Can You Tell Who Listens To Your Spotify Playlist

    Unfortunately, Spotify does not allow you to view the names of the people who are following your playlists instead, you can only see the total number of people who are following your playlist. You may, on the other hand, check at who is following your account to see if you can get a sense of who could be interested in your playlists.

    How To Share An Apple Music Playlist From Mac Or Phone

    Make one for friends or lovers

    Apple Music has some convenient built-in features you can use to share your favorite music or playlists with other users or devices.

    Sharing your playlists or songs means you can help your friends and loved ones discover new songs and enjoy your music from multiple devices.

    In this guide, well show you how to share an Apple Music playlist from a Mac, Android, and iPhone. This way, you can connect with other users so they can see what youre listening to.

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    How To Share Your Itunes Music Library Across All Your Devices

    With iTunes or the new Apple Music app, you can share your entire music library from your computer to your laptop, iPhone, and more. This allows you to save space on your devices and share your music with your friends and family. However, this method only works if all your devices are using the same Apple ID on the same network. Heres how to share your iTunes music from your Mac or Windows computer to another computer or iOS device.

    Before you can access your iTunes music library from other devices, you first have to set up Home Sharing on your computer. Heres how to set up Home Sharing on a Mac and a Windows 10 PC:

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    How can I share my iTunes music library?

    1.Open the Apple Music application on your computers desktop. Photo: You may access the Apple Music application from the Finder or the dock of your device. Devon Delfino/Business Insider is the source of this information. 2.Choose your playlist from the left-hand navigation bar. Photo: Your stored playlists may be found under the Library section choices in the menu bar. Devon Delfino/Business Insider is the source of this information. 3.Uncheck the option that reads Publish on profile and in search. 4.Publish on profile and in search This option may be found beneath the title of your playlist and the number of songs in it.

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