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Can I Add Music To Google Slides

Key Features Of Viwizard Spotify Music Converter

How to Add Background Music to your Google Slides
  • Convert DRM-protected Spotify music to DRM-free audio file
  • Remove the digital rights protection from Spotify music
  • Stream Spotify music at a higher bit rate and sample rate

Before you begin, you need to download and install ViWizard Spotify Music Converter to your computer first. Then with the help of ViWizard software, you can save Spotify songs to Google Slides formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, and more.

Select The Audio Format Options As Required

Google Slides offer many format options to help you create the embedded audio experience you require.

You can set up your Google Slides presentation to start playing your audio when you click on a slide or automatically play audio recordings once the slide is viewed.

The volume slider lets you set the right volume of the audio. This is really handy if you want just soft background music playing while the presenter is speaking at the same time

There are other interesting ways you can use your audio clips. For example, looping the sound so that it repeats a short sound clip over and over again.

If you want your audio to continue playing through the entire presentation or across multiple slides thenuncheckthat box where it says Stop on Slide Change.

Further down the side menu are many styling options that you can apply to the playback speaker icon.

Insert The Audio File In Google Slides

Go to Google Drive and open a new or an existing Google Slides presentation. You can also enter in the browsers address bar to create a new presentation instantly.

  • Select the slide where you want to insert the audio file.
  • Go to Insert > Audio on the menu.
  • Select the file from your Google Drive .
  • After you click the Select button, Google Slides will insert the audio on your slide and display it as an icon with playback controls. Click on the controls to play the audio and test it.
  • Select the audio icon and move it to any preferred location on the slide.
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    Add Apple Music To Google Slides From Google Drive

    Once the Apple Music songs are uploaded to Google Drive, you can then upload Apple Music from Google Drive to Google Slide.

    Open your presentation on Google Slide. Go to Insert > Audio > My Drive. Click the files and click the Select button. A sound icon will appear on the slide. Hover your mouse over the icon or click on it, and a playback bar will appear and you can pause, play, or fast-forward the Apple Music audio with it.

    How To Edit The Format Of Audio In Google Slides

    How to Add Music &  Sound to Google Slides Presentations

    Now I am going to give you some tips and tricks by which you can edit the format of audio. We are going to learn How to change the position of audio in google slides, how to change the color, how to rotate it, how to make it 3D, and many more. You just need to read and learn the below points.

    The points we are going to read are the tools that are available on the right side of your google slide to edit the format of your audio. You need to right-click on audio and then just click on format options. After that, then you can see those tools. So we are going to learn the use of each tool via these points.

    These are some tools that are provided by the Google Slides. You can edit the format and icon of your audio. Now there are no more features and tools are available to edit the audio in google slides. But there some information also available that you read in the last heading.

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    Insert A Video With Sound

    In this method, you’ll embed a video with a soundtrack. You’ll minimize the video so that it isn’t obvious to your audience. When you play the video, the effect is that your Google Slides presentation has a soundtrack.

    Always make sure that you’ve got the rights to use any third-party media, such as a YouTube video, when including them in your presentation.

    The advantage to this second method of adding music and sound is that Google Slides includes an AutoPlay setting. This means that you do not need to be present when the presentation is shown. You could use this method for a presentation accessed by your audience online. You’ll need an Internet connection.

    Here’s how to use a video to add sound and music to your Google Slides presentation, step by step:

    Position The Audio Speaker Icon On Your Google Doc As Required

    Once you have selected your file as above the speaker icon will appear on your slide after a moment. You can resize, click and drag it to any desired position

    Pro #tip! Instead of using the standard audio playback/speakericon on your slide, get creative and personalize it!

    To personalize the audio playback icon:

  • Right-click the audio /speaker icon
  • Select Replace Image from the menu.
  • Make a choice from the options available, such as from Drive, Photos, By URL, Camera, local system, or even search from the Web.

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    How To Add Video To A Slide

    You can add a video clip to your presentation using a YouTube link or a file stored on Google Drive. This option might be preferable if you want to enhance your presentation with a brief soundbite or a music video. Here’s how to insert a video into a slide:

  • Open the presentation and go to the slide where you want the video to appear.

  • Select Insert> Video.

  • Search for a video on YouTube, paste a URL to the video, or choose a video file in Google Drive. Once you select the clip you want to use, choose Select.

  • The video clip appears on the slide. You can drag it around or resize it. In the right pane, you’ll find a list of formatting options. Here you can choose to start the video at a specific point. You can also choose whether the video automatically starts when the slide appears during the presentation. You can choose to mute the audio if you only want the visuals. There are also various size, rotation, and drop shadow options.

  • How To Add Music To Google Slides On Android

    How to Add Music to Google Slides

    Although Google Slides is also available for mobile devices, the editing tools for these devices are very limited. There is no Insert Audio or Insert Video option if youre making a slide on an Android device. But if you wish, you can still use the Shareable Links option. To do this:

  • Open the Google Slides app and open or create a slideshow presentation.
  • Tap on the + button on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on Text or Shape, then place it in the slide.
  • Minimize the app and open Google Drive. Find the audio file you want to use.
  • Tap on the three dots icon to the right of the audio file and tap on Copy link on the popup menu.
  • Return to Google Slides, then tap and hold on your inserted text box or shape.
  • Tap on the three dots icon to the right of the popup menu and tap on Insert Link.
  • Tap and hold on the text box.
  • Tap on Paste.
  • Tap on the Check icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • The audio link should now be embedded on the slide.
  • Note that there are no editing options for the audio on mobile. To play the file, tap on the shape or text box to open the link. By default, it will play on another browser tab.

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    Upload Apple Music To Google Drive

    Sign in to the Google Drive website with your Google account. Then you can transfer Apple Music songs to Google Drive in two ways, including simply dragging the files or folder over the top of the Google Drive window or clicking on New in the top left corner, and then selecting either File Upload or Folder Upload.

    Add Amazon Music To Google Slides With Tunelf

    Though the first way is convenient, it only works with an internet-connected. We will show you a better way to be compatible with any situation. To play Amazon Music on Google Slides, you need to convert or other universal formats. Here you need an Amazon Music converter. With the help of Amazon Music converter, you can add Amazon Music to Google Slides even without the internet. If you are looking for a powerful third-party tool, Tunelf Amatune Music Converter will be a nice choice.

    Tunelf Amatune Music Converter is an all-in-one professional tool to convert Amazon Music to MP3, FLAC, WAV, and more at a faster speed. It can convert and download Amazon Music for batch while maintaining the original quality of the songs. The ID3 tags will be preserved as well.

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    Step : Save Your Audio File To Your Google Drive

    If you already have an audio or music file you want to use, be sure it is saved to your Google Drive.

    To upload and store files in Drive, go to Drive, click on the NEW button, and select FILE UPLOAD.

    Dont forget! If you are sharing this slide deck with your students or anyone else that will need to play the audio file, the audio must be shared separately from Google Drive.

    Right-click on the file from Google Drive, and click on .

    Share this file so that at least anyone with the link can view. Learn more about sharing in the .

    If you forget to share the audio file, students will not be able to play it.< h3> STEP 2: Insert audio into your Google Slide

    Open your Google Slides file or create a new one.

    Select the slide where you want to insert the audio file.

    Then go to INSERT> AUDIO

    Select the file from your Google Drive.

    After you click SELECT, a speaker button will appear on your slide. Click on the icon to play the audio or move the button anywhere you like on the slide.


    Adding Audio From The Insert Tab

    How to Record Voice on Google Slides [2021 New Post]
    • Before you add any audio, please note that Google Slides only works with audio files stored in your Google Drive account, so you need to upload them beforehand. The supported formats are .mp3 and .wav.
    • Open your presentation in Google Slides and select the slide where you want to add audio or music. If you want the audio to be played in all the slides, youll need to add it to the first slide.
    • The audio files stored in your Google Drive will be displayed here. Choose the one you want to add to your presentation and click Select. An icon will appear in the slide. Click it to access the playback functions.

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    Music With Creative Commons Licenses

    Creative Commons is a non-profit institution dedicated to fostering access to and exchange of culture of any kind. Its goal is to help build a public domain and provide an alternative to copyright content.

    It is not entirely advisable to use this type of music because, although their licenses are currently royalty-free, in the future, their authors may choose to offer the rights of their songs to other organizations.

    However, if you still want to risk it, some of the sites where you can download music without copyright for your Google presentations are:

    Free Music Archive

    Free Music Archive is an alternative service that, like Jamendo, offers music under a Creative Commons license. Both are very similar platforms, although the Free Music Archive is somewhat less intuitive.


    Complementary to the previous ones, CCMixter is another option to search for music without copyright. If you compare it with Jamendo or Free Music Archive, you will notice that they are very similar in use, although it offers somewhat different search options.

    Those were the most used options for adding music to Google Slides. As you have seen, you have a wide range of services and platforms that can bring sound to your presentations without the fear of breaking the law.

    How To Add Audio To Google Slides

    1. Upload the audio file in either MP3 or WAV format to your .

    2. Open your presentation and go to the slide you want to add audio to. Click “Insert” in the toolbar at the top of the Slides screen.

    3. In the “Insert” drop-down, select “Audio.”

    4. In the “Insert audio” pop-up, you can search for your audio file in “My Drive,” “Shared drives,” “Shared with me,” or “Recent.” You can also type the name of your audio file in the search bar.

    5. Click the file you want to add, and hit “Select.”

    6. Your audio file will now appear in your slide as a small sound icon. To resize the icon, click on it and drag one of its corners outward or inward.

    When you click the icon or hover your mouse over it, a playback bar will appear where you can pause, play, or fast-forward the audio.

    When you click on the icon, a sidebar menu will appear on the right side of the slide here, you can customize a number of sound and design elements like audio playback, reflection, shadow, color, and more.

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    Add Music From A Youtube Video

    The other way to add music to your presentation is with a YouTube video. There are two ways to do this. The first is to follow the steps above and just copy the video link and paste it in a text box. The second way is to insert the actual video on your slide. This method is best when you want to use a shorter music clip to introduce an idea or underscore a point, because the video will stop playing when you advance the slide.

    You can search YouTube from within Google Slides by using the insert video command.

    1. From the slide on which you want to add music, select Insert > Video from the menu.

    2. Type your query in the YouTube search field that pops up.

    3. Click the video with the music you want, and hit Select to place it on the slide.

    When you use a YouTube video for your music track, resize it to make it unobtrusive.

    4. With the video still selected, click Format options on the toolbar.

    5. Click the arrow next to Video playback and check the box next to Autoplay when presenting. This will save you the trouble of stopping your presentation to click the videos play button.

    6. Click the X to close the formatting options sidebar.

    7. Click the arrow tool, resize the video to its smallest size, and position it where you want it on the slide. .

    When you show this slide during your presentation, click the miniaturized video to play the music.

    Upload The Audio File To Google Drive

    How to Add Music to Google Slides Presentations

    Create a new folder to hold your audio file or upload it to the main My Drive. A specific folder helps to keep your Drive organized if you have many files. Do note that you should share the audio file separately when you want to present it to an audience.

  • Drag and drop the audio file to Google Drive. Alternatively, click on New > File upload to select and upload the audio file.
  • Right-click on the file from Google Drive, and click on .
  • Follow the usual to give your collaborators access to the audio file when you present the slide decks.
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    How Do I Add Music To An Animated Desk

    How to Add Audio to Your Animation

  • Zoom in/ out the audio panel. Touch gesture: two-finger spread or pinch to zoom in and out the panel.
  • Shorten the Audio. Touch gesture: Drag the one end of the audio bar to shorten the audio.
  • Algin the Video and Audio. The audio bar snaps to the indicator.
  • Fade in/ Fade out Effects.
  • Save the Changes.
  • How To Add Music To Google Slides

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    Adding music to an otherwise text-heavy Google Slides presentation can spice it up. If you want to add music to Google Slides, youll need to use a YouTube or Google Drive video, or link to a third-party streaming service instead.

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    How To Insert Spotify Music Via Google Drive

    Though there is not an option to insert soundtrack to Google Slides, you can insert a video with sound from Google Drive or YouTube. So you can or YouTube first. How?

    Since Spotify is an online streaming music, you need to save Spotify tracks as common audio files. You can use a free recorder or a professional Spotify music downloader.

    For saving your precious time and effort, I’d recommend you to use DRmare/Windows.

    This software combines the most advanced features to help you batch save Spotify to your computer losslessly. In this way, you keep your favorite songs available offline as well as distribute them to any other devices.

    Use Tunelf Audio Converter To Download Apple Music

    Cómo agregar música a una presentación de Google

    Tunelf Audio Converter is a robust tool that offers convenience for audio conversion. When you use Tunelf, you will convert your Apple Music to the common audio format such as MP3 and remove DRM protection from Apple Music. If you also want to convert your Apple Music for playback on other devices, Tunelf Audio Converter is the tool to go for.

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