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Make Sure Apple Music Icloud And Itunes On The Family Member’s Device Are All Using The Same Account

Can you share to iTunes/Music app on your iPhone/iPad?

These first two troubleshooting steps may help fix your issues signing up. Essentially, Family Sharing expects other family members’ devices to be logged in to their own iCloud ID. So if you’re the head of the household , your family member’s iPhone or iPad needs to be logged into their account , not yours.

While some people may share iTunes IDs for Match and purchased content, to get the Apple Music signup to work, it’s important that every account on the family member’s device be linked to that family member’s account. You can’t have a different Apple ID for iTunes and Apple Music on the same device.

Does Apple Music Delete Songs After Trial

Though downloaded Apple Music tracks can be used for offline playback, the premise is that you have a valid subscription. Once your 3-month free trial ends and you have disabled auto-renewal, you will lose access to downloaded Apple Music tracks or playlists and they will disappear from your iTunes library.

S To Share Apple Music With Your Family

Step 1. Open the Apple Music app from the home screen on your iOS device, then click For You.

Step 2. Click on Profile in the top right corner of the screen, then hit View Account.

Step 3. Tap View Apple ID and type your Apple ID password. Select Subscriptions and click on Family. Now click Back.

Note: You can now add other members to Apple Music, but you can only share your songs with up to 6 people.

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What Is Family Sharing

With Family Sharing, you and up to five other family members can share access to amazing Apple services like iCloud+, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Fitness+, Apple News+, and Apple Arcade. Your group can also share iTunes, Apple Books, and App Store purchases, and a family photo album. You can even help locate each others missing devices.

One adult in your household the family organizer invites your family members. When family members join, they get instant access to the groups subscriptions and content that are eligible for sharing. Each family member uses their own account, so everyones experience stays personalized and private.

Best Music Share Software

Share your iTunes library over your home network

Compared with Home Sharing, using the same Apple ID, using transfer software, like iMusic, could be the best way to share music. iMusic breaks the limitation of iTunes, only letting you sync music to device which must binding to a computer. iMusic lets you copy and share songs, and videos between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android devices, computer and iTunes library freely.

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Is Apple Music The Same As Itunes

Im confused. How is Apple Music different than iTunes? iTunes is a free app to manage your music library, music video playback, music purchases and device syncing. Apple Music is an ad-free music streaming subscription service that costs $10 per month, $15 a month for a family of six or $5 per month for students.

Is Apple Music Or Spotify Easier To Use

Apple Music features a clean white look on mobile, while Spotify paints it black across its apps. Both apps are pretty easy to navigate, with the main tabs found at the bottom of the interface.

Both let you look at lyrics on screen if they’re available for particular songs. But only Apple Music lets you search by typing a stream of lyrics to find songs you don’t know the name of.

Google Maps lets you listen to and control Spotify or Apple Music playback within the navigation interface in iOS and Android. Waze also offers a similar feature for Spotify users. Spotify also offers a smart player for your car called Car Thing, even if you don’t have an Android Auto-compatible vehicle.

On top of CarPlay support, Apple Music for Android works with Android Auto, so you can control playback through the infotainment system.

Winner: Draw

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Before You Get Started

In order to follow the instructions in this guide, youre going to need a few things, some of which are more obvious than others. First off, youll need an Apple ID, which anyone with at least one iOS or macOS device or other Apple service should have. Second, youll need an iOS device running iOS 8 or later, or a Mac running OS X Yosemite or later.

Youll also need an Apple Music Family subscription, of course. If youre setting up Apple Music up from scratch, be sure to choose a Family subscription instead of an Individual one. If youd like to change an Individual Apple Music subscription to a Family subscription, its a fairly quick process, and detailed instructions are available via the support section of the Apple website.

Remove Everyone From Your Family And Re

How To Share A Playlist Apple Music

If absolutely nothing else has worked, this is a last-ditch effort that has helped several people onlinebut one that comes at some risk. You can only join another family group once a year, so leaving and recreating your family can be tricky. And if you have children’s accounts, they can’t be removed at allonly moved to a different family groupso you have to create an entirely new Family Sharing account in that case.

All that said, here’s the deal: You can disband your family by either deleting the family group or removing everyone from your family and then re-adding them. Sometimes this will do the trick where no amount of logging in and out will work, though I haven’t personally tested thissuccess stories are solely from internet troubleshooting forums and folks on Twitter.

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How To Share A Playlist In Apple Music From An Iphone

If you have an iPhone and want to share a playlist on Apple Music, heres what you need to do:

  • Open the Apple Music app.
  • Access the Library section.
  • Tap Playlists.
  • Choose the app through which you want to share your playlist.
  • Use the same steps for sharing an Apple Music playlist on your iPad.

    People that have an active Apple Music subscription can view and listen to all the songs from your playlist. If youve shared it with someone who doesnt have a subscription, they will only be able to listen to 30-second previews of each song.

    Keep in mind you need to have an Apple Music profile to share music.

    Sharing Songs And Albums On Your Computer

  • Open iTunes on your Mac or PC.
  • Find the song or album that you want to share.
  • Hover your mouse pointer over to see your sharing options.
  • Thats all there is to it. On Mac or iPhone, after following these steps, just go on to tap or click the sharing option that you prefer and follow the prompts that Apple provides to select a friend you want to share your music with.

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    You Can Keep Track Of Group Schedules And Reminders

    Ive mostly focused on sharing media, but another key aspect of Family Sharing is the ability to share important information with everyone. When you set up Family Sharing, a new Family calendar is created and added to everyones accounts. Any event you put into the Family calendar appears on everyone elses devices ” rel=”nofollow”> Figure 5). The same is true for reminders you add to the Family category in the Reminders app.

    The yellow events are part of the shared Family calendar.

    Use Apple Music With Android Auto

    How to share Apple Music playlists

    With Android Auto, you can listen to Apple Music in your car and control what’s playing from your car’s display panel.

  • On your Android device, download Android Auto from Google Play.
  • Connect your Android device to your car.
  • From your car’s display panel, open Android Auto.
  • In Android Auto, open the Apple Music app and play music.
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    Solution : Share Playlist As A Gift

    iTunes gift cards make great stocking stuffers, but did you know that you can also give one of your iTunes songs as a gift? If youre looking for the best way to send someone a playlist, heres how it works:


    • Only songs available in the iTunes Store can be gifted. If your playlist contains songs that you ripped from CD or downloaded from another Internet music store, you might not be able to give them as a gift in iTunes.
    • Gifting a playlist is available on iTunes 10 or earlier. You can gift songs individually or gift a whole album on iTunes 12 and iTunes 11.

    STEP 1.Open iTunes and update the iTunes to the latest version on your PC or Mac.

    STEP 2.Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

    STEP 3. Go to iTunes Store and find the items .

    STEP 4. To the right of the items price, click the arrow. From the menu, choose Gift This . Here is Gift This Album.

    STEP 5. Fill your payment information.

    STEP 6. Enter your recipients email address and add a message if you want.

    STEP 7. Pick the day you want to send the gift and click next.

    STEP 8.Confirm your gift purchase and click Buy Gift.

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    Use Home Sharing On Ios

    Home Sharing can also be accessed from your iOS or iPadOS device. Heres how.

    Step 1: Open the Settings app on iOS and scroll down to Music tap it.

    Step 2: At the bottom of the window under Home Sharing, tap Sign In if you arent already signed in with your Apple ID. If you are signed in, youll see your Apple IDs email address displayed on your screen.

    Step 3: Open the Music app, then tap Library in the bottom toolbar, then Home Sharing.

    Step 4: Choose a library and wait for Music to download it to your device. Once thats done, you can play the shared content.

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    Sharing Songs With Airdrop

    Note that the following refers to music found on the Apple Music subscription service, either online or downloaded to your device, but not your own personal imported library. Music you have imported into iTunes, then synced to your iPhone cannot be shared. However, music you have saved to iCloud through iTunes Match can be shared.

    To start, choose a song from Apple Music. The song can be from your personal library or it can be from any part of the Apple Music app, such as the Browse or For You sections.

    Once you have chosen a song, either 3D Touch that song or, if using an iPhone without 3D Touch, long-press the song. An options menu will appear. Tap “Share Song,” then you’ll see a list of potential AirDrop recipients at the top of the share screen just choose the person you’d like to share with, then you’ll be all set!

    If you are already playing a song, sharing is just as simple. Just tap the button in the bottom-right corner of the display, and the same options menu from above will appear. Follow the same steps, and you’ll be good to go.

    If the iPhone you are trying to share with does not appear in the share menu, make sure both you and your target have AirDrop enabled. Swipe up to view the Control Center, then 3D Touch or long-press the network settings in the top-left corner. From there, make sure the AirDrop toggle is turned on, and verify that both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled as well.

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    The Requirements For Family Sharing:

    How Family Sharing works Apple Support

    All you need to do is to create the Family Sharing group and invite your family members to join in. You can add a maximum of five persons to your circle. Now, you can share your digital content without sharing your ID. You and your family members will enjoy each others digital company with the new feature of the Apple Music.

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    How To Access A Shared Itunes Library On A Windows 10 Pc

    To access a shared library on a Windows 10 PC, open the iTunes app and click Account > Sign In and enter your Apple ID and password. Then click the Music drop-down button and select a shared library from the list.

  • Open the iTunes for Windows app.
  • Then click Account. You can find this at the top of your window.
  • Next, click Sign In. If you already see the correct Apple ID at the top of the list, you can skip the next step.
  • Then enter your Apple ID and password. Remember, this must be the same Apple ID that you used on the other computer.
  • Next, click the Music drop-down button. You can find this in the top-left corner of the window. It is to the right of the arrow buttons and to the right of the Library This might have a different label, depending on what media you are accessing now.
  • Finally, select the shared music library that you want to access.
  • Note: If you dont see your shared library in the drop-down list, you might have to disable IPv6 on your computer. To do this, open the Windows search bar by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Then type Control Panel in the search bar and select Open. Next, go to Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center and select your network on the right side of the window. Then click Properties and deselect the box next to Internet Protocol Version 6 . Then restart your computer and try again.

    This article has been updated with more accurate information.

    About The Verizon Apple Music Promotion

  • Apple Music is a streaming music service that lets you listen to a catalog of more than 75 million songs, ad-free. You can also download music to listen to offline, watch music videos and create playlists of your favorite songs.Visit Apple Music on Apple’s website for more information.

  • Apple Music is included with certain Verizon mobile Unlimited plans. Depending on your plan, you may get Apple Music included for either as long as you have the plan, or for 6 months.If your plan includes Apple Music, you currently have until midnight on 10/18/21 to enroll.

  • Play More Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited*, Above Unlimited** if you purchased the plan before 8/20/20.
  • You can keep Apple Music as long as you keep the plan.Apple Music included* for 6 months with:

    Note: Account eligibility rules apply.*Taxes apply.

  • To get the Apple Music promotion, you must:

  • Be up-to-date on your bill payments
  • Have an iPhone® or an Android smartphone
  • Be on an eligible Unlimited plan
  • Note:

    • If you’re new to Verizon, you’ll need to , activate your phone and register for My Verizon before you can sign up for the Apple Music promo.
    • If you previously signed up for the 6-month Apple Music promotion and then switch to a plan thats also eligible for the 6-month offer, you dont qualify for the 6-month offer again.

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    Bring Home A New Digital Harmony By Using The Apple Music And Family Sharing Option Along With Ithere Are Tips On Family Sharing Apple Music

    Bring home a new digital harmony by using the Apple Music and family sharing option along with it. Up to six members of your family will be able to share iTunes and App Store purchases. So, if you are not willing to spend a lot of money in buying music and apps from the App Store, just check whether your father has it. If he does, you can ask him to share it with you. Apple Music lets you share purchases among family members without sharing accounts.

    Apple Music lets you pay for family purchases of music, apps, and other items available on the Apple Store. Now, parents can pay for the apps and music using the same credit card. Kids and youngsters in the family can share the apps and music files from their parentsâ devices. You can purchase and share family albums, calendars, and lots more to keep everyone connected.

    How To Add Family Members To Your Apple Music Subscription

    You can now share your playlists on Apple Music with iOS ...

    Despite launching after many top music streaming services, Apple Music has made up ground quickly on the competition. If at least one of your family members uses the service, you might be able to save a few bucks by opting for a family account instead of separate accounts. Apple Music is far from the only service to offer family subscriptions, but its plans do work a little differently, which can be confusing.

    Spotify and plenty of other services are stand-alone offerings, making adding family members a fairly straightforward process, but Apple Music is tied into the entire Apple ecosystem. Thats great if your entire family is already all-in on Apple, but if youre trying to add family members that use different devices to Apple Music, it can be a little tricky. Dont worry, though were here to help.

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    How To Create And Share Apple Music Playlist With Friends

    Apple Music is among the best online music streaming apps that lets you create and share playlists with your friends and family. You can pick your desired melodies from various genres, create playlists, and share them with other Apple Music users. Just like you share songs on . If youre new to Apple Music and would love to give it a try, let me show you how to create and share Apple Music Playlist on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.