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Best Playlist On Apple Music

What Is Apple Music

How to transfer Apple Music playlists to Spotify: or the other way around!

Apple Music is a streaming service that allows you to listen to over 90 million songs. Its great features include the ability to download your favorite tracks and play them offline, lyrics in real time, listening across all your favorite devices, new music personalized just for you, curated playlists from our editors, and many more. All this in addition to exclusive and original content.

Cant Share Your Apple Music Playlists Heres Why

Sharing playlists is a simple process. Choose a playlist, select the Share button, and thats basically it. But that Share button doesnt always seem to be where you want it to be.

Theres usually one reason this happens: You havent created an Apple Music profile. Until you have an Apple Music profile, you wont be able to share any of your playlists with anyone.

The other reason you may not be able to share Playlists is if you havent merged your local music library with Apples Cloud Music Library. This is only an issue if you use Apple Music with your own library of music files.

For this second issue, either select Merge Library when prompted on your PC, or choose Turn On under Sync Library is Off on your iPhone or iPad. For most people, however, the issue will be that you dont yet have an Apple Music profile.

How To Transfer Spotify Playlists To Apple Music: Before You Start

Before we get into the individual steps for transferring Spotify playlists to Apple Music, there are a few things youll need. Obviously, chief among these are active Spotify and Apple Music accounts you should also have both apps installed on your phone.

The best way to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music is by using a third-party app. However, since there are different apps specific to each mobile OS, weve split this guide into two. First, well look at how to transfer Spotify playlists on iOS, so scroll down below that if you want to know how to transfer playlists on Android.

Also bear in mind that the steps below will work for other services, with only minor differences, making it easy to transfer playlists from Apple Music to Tidal or from Deezer to Spotify and so on.

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How To Share Apple Music Playlists

Sharing Apple Music playlists differs slightly between mobile devices and computers, so weve got the steps for each below.

Its important to note that anyone you share a playlist with will also need an Apple Music subscription to listen to your shared playlist. If they use Spotify instead, you can follow our guide to transfer the playlist to Spotify and share the playlist that way.

Its possible as you follow our instructions that you wont see the Share Playlist button. This likely means you havent set up an Apple Music Profile, and weve got a fix for that below.

How To Transfer Spotify Playlists To Apple Music Or Another Streaming Service

How to Find the Perfect Apple Music Playlist

ByJames ArcherContributions frompublished 30 January 22

Heres how to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music, Tidal and other services, on iOS or Android

Spotify is trending for all the wrong reasons right now, with a host of artists following Neil Young in leaving the service and some subscribers doing the same. It’s all related to Young’s allegation that The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is “spreading fake information about vaccines,” and the controversy doesn’t look like dying down any time soon. In fact, it’s moving quickly now, so we’re bringing you all the latest developments on the story in our Spotify Joe Rogan Controversy live blog.

Apple Music has been quick to capitalize on the situation, putting out tweets that “Apple Music is the home of Neil Young ,” and giving Young’s playlists prominent spots in the service. But whether you’re one of those subscribers now looking for a new music streaming service as a result or were already thinking of changing, you might be put off by the fear that you’ll lose all of your perfectly curated playlists.

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music or another service or indeed to move them from Apple Music to Spotify if you’re going the other way.

So if you are moving, or just want consistency across all your different music app subscriptions, here’s how to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music or another streaming service.

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Top 5 Waking Up: A Morning Mix

This is another great apple music curated playlists that you should listen to. As the name suggests this playlist is made up of amazing tunes that will put a smile on your face and get you in the right mood to start your day. If you want to listen to music from great bands and artists such as Vampire Weekend, Curtis Mayfield and Talking Heads among others in the morning then this is the perfect playlist for you.

Best Apple Music Playlists

Americans have caught the music streaming bug. Streaming services generated almost 80% of the US music markets revenue in 2019. Companies like Apple Music and Spotify provide users with millions of songs, innovative music discovery tools and lots of playlists. After launching in 2015, Apple Music quickly grew into one of the most used platforms in the country. It now has more paid subscribers in the US than Spotify and at least 60 million subscribers around the globe.

Apples music service offers a wide array of goodies like artist interviews, the latest music videos and shows on Apples radio station Beats 1 with real DJs. Its playlists are also impressive. Several are curated by teams of editors and music icons like Lars Ulrich and Drake.

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Apple Music Vs Spotify: Which Is The Best Music App

ByHenry T. CaseyContributions fromLee Dunkleypublished 17 July 22

Apple Music is fast becoming the go-to alternative music streaming service to Spotify, but which scores best overall?

If you’re considering switching to an alternative provider, then our face-off between Spotify and Apple Music Spotify’s closest rival will help you make up your mind as the Tom’s Guide team compares both services as they currently stand to find out which delivers the best overall experience for music fans.

Question: Q: The 25 Most Playlist Order

How to create a playlist on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch â Apple Support

I recently have updated my iTunes to the newest version , and I’ve googled the internet to try and solve this problem but nothing seems to be working. I’ve edited the smart playlist of “top 25 songs played” to be top 100 songs played, but no matter how many songs I put in the smart playlist two things always happen. 1, The playlist is in alphabetical order of the artists and 2, I have no way of seeing the number of plays. Every piece of online tips have consisted of people saying “go to the top right corner of the iTunes window and look for the songs display, it should be under the search bar” but I don’t have that. No matter how many times I look, it is not there. Please tell me someone is out there experiencing the same amount of frustration and disappointment as I am. It really shouldn’t be this hard to have a smart playlist appear as itself, and not some other playlist. Help? tips? Anyone?

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How To Transfer Playlists From Apple Music To Spotify

This quick tutorial will guide you to move one or multiple playlists from Apple Music to Spotify

  • Open the Web App Open
  • In your Library, select the Playlists category Playlists Tab
  • Connect Apple Music
  • Select Apple Music playlists that you want to move
  • Select Spotify as the destination
  • The process starts. Once finished, if tracks have been found, your playlists will be available on Spotify
  • Get Songshift And Link Your Accounts

    • Select your sources
    • Sign in to Apple Music and Spotify to link music
    • Allow access to libraries where required to do so

    The easiest transfer method involves an app called SongShift. It’s available for free on the App Store for iPhone, so be sure to download it. There are similar apps on the Play Store for Android too, like ‘FreeYourmusic‘ as one example. While it is free, SongShift does limit how much you can transfer without paying, so also offers a ‘Pro’ subscription which you can pay for monthly, anually or just pay one up-front fee that covers you forever.

    Your first step after downloading SongShift is to open the app and to set up your music services. It supports of a lot of different services, including Tidal, YouTube Music and Pandora. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’re choosing Apple Music and Spotify. Each of them will require you to allow certain permissions and sign into the accounts.

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    Edm Dancexl Curated By: Calvin Harris

    If youre going to have someone put together a list of the best EDM, why not Calvin Harris? This playlist is an homage to the rave culture that made EDM what it is today. Harris says, I wanted to rediscover the way I originally began producing music 22 years ago, before I ever thought about how it might be perceived by outside forces.

    EDM Sauces New Electronic Friday is a 70-song playlist that updates on Fridays. Its a collection of the newest and most creative sounds in EDM and includes tracks from St. Vincent, Lost Kings and Lane 8.

    Apple Music Vs Spotify: Price

    How to Sync Albums and Playlists From Apple Music to Your Apple Watch ...

    The pricing for each Spotify and Apple Music is very similar, with one big difference: the former offers a free starting tier. However, Spotify’s free option will interrupt your listening with recorded ads, as well as ads within the app, while paying for the Premium tier will get rid of both. Check out our Spotify Free vs. Premium comparison for the full rundown of differences.

    Spotify also offers a Premium Duo package, aimed at 2-person households. It includes the Duo Mix playlist, an automatically produced set of tunes based on the users’ listening habits.

    Note that signing up the Apple Music annual plan is a bit of an arcane process: you first need to sign up to a monthly plan, then switch to annual billing in the app or through your Apple device’s account settings. You can find full instructions for this on the Apple support site .

    Apple Music’s student plan went up by $1 per month, so it’s now $5.99, as opposed to Spotify’s student plan, which is $4.99/month.

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    Explore Apple Music Or Try Something Different

    You’ve made it to the end of this introduction to Apple Music! If you’re new to Apple Music this should help you get started creating, sharing, and discovering playlists. And if you’re an Apple Music veteran, perhaps the recommended playlists will bring you some joy.

    Apple Music is only one of a number of high-profile music streaming services, all of which have pros and cons. If you don’t own solely Apple gadgets and are wondering whether to give another streaming service a try, feel free to check out Spotify or Google Play Music.

    What To Do If You Can’t Share Playlists In Apple Music

    If you’re not seeing the option to share a playlist, it may be because you haven’t created an Apple Music profile.

    To check to see if you have an Apple Music profile, tap the profile icon in the Listen Now tab. If you see the Set up Profile option as outlined in the last section, follow the onscreen prompts to set up an Apple Music profile.

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    Apple Music Vs Spotify: Design

    Ever since Apple Musics big redesign for iOS 10, it’s design is close to Spotify in a lot of respects. Both employ large images in an almost tile-like UI, with a navigation bar the bottom of the screen for quick access to your music library or the respective search function.

    Honestly, the main difference here is purely aesthetic. Apple Music favors a light, bright and white look with high-contrast text, while Spotify has long stuck to its darker black/grey color scheme with flashes of neon green.

    Winner: Draw

    Music Nerd’s Guide To Electronica

    Going Through My Apple Music *Best Playlists of ALL TIME*

    In the late 1970s, bands like Kraftwerk were experimenting with bending sound into new music with a familiar rhythm. The Music Nerd’s Guide to Electronica delves deep into the history of the dance genre â from classic tracks by Daft Punk to new beats from Tessio. Pick this playlist if you want to dance all night.

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    Q5 How To Import Spotify Playlists To Apple Music

    Ans: Apple ecosystem does call some hindrance when sharing across other platforms. But dont worry about that. We have got you covered. You need to download songs offline first to transfer them to iTunes. iTunes is the only option to share music with Apple music. And for iTunes, the soundtracks need to be in a local folder. SpotiKeep Spotify to MP3 Converter can download your Spotify music directly into the device with lossless quality and DRM removal. We have covered the topic deeply in our other article, How to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music, so please check it out for a step-by-step guide. You can first download the converter and install it on your computer.

    Best Of The John Peel Sessions

    The Peel Sessions was a BBC Radio 1 series that existed from the late 1960s until the mid-2000s, hosted by DJ John Peel. Thousands of bands recorded songs exclusively for the show, and this playlist is the best of the best, spanning Peel’s entire career. Listen to it to take a walk down pop rock’s historical path.

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    Top 9 Best Of The Week

    This is one of the best playlists on Apple music. This playlist is updated weekly meaning that every time you listen to it you will get some new and fresh tracks that you have never heard before. This playlist was designed to help apple music subscribers discover new hits. For this reason, it is updated weekly with new hits from established artist such as Jennifer Lopez and well as new artists such as Kyle.

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    The Best Apple Music Playlists For Working From Home


    ByAdam Oramlast updated 19 March 20

    With schools and workplaces shutting down because of coronavirus, many more people are finding themselves working from home. The team here at iMore is comprised of remote workers, so we feel we’re well-positioned to advise you on things that can help you stay happy and healthy while working from home.

    One of the best ways to stay sane, motivated, and productive is by listening to music while you work. But not all types of music suit all types of work or all types of worker, so we’ve put together our list of the best Apple Music playlists for working from home to help you find something that meets your needs.

    Apple Music features 60 million songs available to stream ad-free or download for offline listening, curated playlists, live radio broadcasts with Beats 1, exclusive content, and more. Try it out for three months free.


    For a lot of people, music can help them focus on work but lyrics can be a real distraction, especially if your job involves writing. BEATstrumentals offers purely instrumental tracks from a variety of genres including jazz, soul, hip-hop, and more to help you concentrate without ending up singing along.



    Learn to the beat

    Familiar sounds

    ï¤ ïµâï¸




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    Extra Tip: How To Get The Best Apple Music Rap Playlists Offline

    These Apple Music rap playlist are great for DJ lovers. If you are going to have a party, you can play the songs on your iDevices or your computers with iTunes. But because Apple Music is encrypted with DRM, you can’t move Apple Music M4P files to other devices.

    In this case, if you want to solve it, here is an alternative solution. DRmare Audio Converter is a powerful software to help you delete DRM from Apple Music. With this program, you can also convert and keep Apple Music playlists as plain audio formats. You can choose to output Apple Music to MP3, WAV, FLAC and more.

    Besides, the DRmare Audio Converter can save the full metadata of the Apple Music songs during the conversion. And it can output Apple Music files with original music quality. After then, you can get the local audio files of Apple Music playlist and then you can enjoy Apple Music anywhere and anytime.

    You can get the job done on your computer with ease. Can’t wait to see how it works? Now, follow the tutorial below and learn how to get the best hip hop Apple Music playlists. Please install the DRmare Audio Converter on your desktop first. Also, the Apple Music songs need to be downloaded to iTunes in advance.

    Step 1. Open the DRmare Audio Converter from your computer. It will then load its main screen and the iTunes program.

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