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Best Music Recording App For Iphone

Best Music Recording Apps For Iphone

Best Free Audio Recording and Editing App for iOS

Looking for the best music recording apps for iPhone? We have a list of it just for you. Recording audio is nothing new, whether for professional or casual purposes. The music and voice recording technology with dedicated devices had been there for ages, but those are relics now. The rapid rise of mobile technology took this level further. Instead of voice recorder gadgets, now we have smartphones that provide the audio recording function using third-party music recording applications.

Apparently, if you got an android device, you got plenty of third-party music recording apps on the Play Store. However, when looking for the best music recorder apps for iPhone, the choices are somewhat narrower. This is where we come in. We brought to you some of the quality apps for recording music using just your iPhone. This content will be your walkthrough to the 15 best music recording apps for iPhone.

Awesome Voice Recorder X

AVR is another app that provides both paid and free versions. With free, youre always going to have to put up with ads. If that annoys you, you can upgrade to pro for £4.99.

  • Option to record uncompressed or compressed audio
  • Lets you share files via email, Airdrop, Dropbox, text, and more
  • Top, tail, and tag your audio
  • Pro version lets you work with multiple files

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Podcast Production Made Simple

Hopefully, thats you set up to record audio on-the-go with your iPhone. Be sure to check out the Samson Satellite or Shure MV5 too, if youd like a top quality mic to plug directly into your device.

And if editing on the phone just isnt for you, check out our Podcast Maker web app Alitu. Alitu makes it easy to edit your content, build your episodes, and publish them for the world to hear. You dont need to know the slightest thing about audio production to start using it!

Level up your recording skills with these popular guides:

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Best Ways To Record Calls On An Iphone

There are many ways to record calls on an iPhone. Here are the three best methods:

  • Use a Third-Party App
  • There are many third-party apps that allow you to record phone calls on your iPhone. Some of the best call recording apps for iPhone include DQ Call Recorderand TapeACall Pro.

  • Use an External Recorder
  • If you dont want to use an app to record your calls, you can use an external recorder. For this method, you will need to connect an external microphone or recording device to your iPhone. You can also turn on the loudspeaker and record the call through another phones sound recorder app.

  • Use Google Voice
  • You can also download and use Google Voice to record your iPhone calls. To do this, simply place a call using your Google Voice number, and then record the call. this is one of the most simple ways to record calls on WhatsApp.

    Korg Ikaossilator By Korg Inc

    Best Audio Recording Apps for iOS &  iPhone

    As with Roland, KORG is a bit of a known brand in the music business. And their iKaossilator app is colorful and unique, instantly evoking images of a dance club or disco in your mind. That association, of course, seems like an intentional design choice too.

    The highly rated iPhone app is controlled via a unique but intuitive X-Y pad. This gives you expressive control over what youre creating.

    What you get, in effect, is a palm sized KAOSSILATOR synth, and thats quite exciting all on its own.

    The iKaossilator lets you play sounds by stroking, tapping, or rubbing the screen . You get 150 built-in sounds, scale / key settings, loop sequencer, real-time loop control , audio export, SoundCloud connectivity , WIST capability , audio loop import, operation with Kaossilator 2, and other great features.

    Most users loved the interface and had a lot of fun with it. Some wish they had a little more control over the notes being played, though, and depending on what youre trying to achieve, that lack of precision might not serve you.

    Is it worth the asking price? Well leave that to you to decide, but it seems like most users were quite happy with their purchase.

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    Best Audio Recording Apps For Android

    There are a lot of conveniences that smartphones have. One of the biggest is the ability to record audio anytime, anywhere. Youre probably not getting studio-quality audio. However, its great for taking quick voice notes, talking out an idea, or recording a fun riff on your instrument of choice for future reference. There are a variety of sound recording apps on Android.

    You can find super basic stuff as well as full-featured DAWs. We have a mixture of both to cover as many use cases as possible. Here are the best audio recording apps for Android. We also recommend checking out our dedicated list of the best Android DAWs.

    Best Voice Recording Apps For Iphone

    There are several factors you should take into consideration before you choose to install a voice recorder app on your iPhone. Moreover, you can find many free options that can be quite effective if you are just looking for an easy way to record narration and dialogue with your iPhone or iPad. So, here are some of the best voice recording apps you can find on the App Store.

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    Best Music Recording Apps For Android 2022

    Music and creativity are essential components of our life. Some people listening to music begin to sing, clap their hands to the beat, or hum the music. Beginner musicians are typically born with just skill and lack the funds to record in a professional studio.

    For recording music, Android offers some excellent song recording apps. You cant go wrong by using the finest app for recording music on the market. Whether you want to make music but lack the time or motivation to learn an instrument and hire a professional recording studio, we have a solution for you. This blog consists of song recording apps that are appropriate for users of all ability levels, provide a wide range of effects, and have excellent editing toolkits.

    In-Built Recording Apps

    Most gadgets come with some kind of recording app. However, usually, these native apps lack advanced qualities. Some gadgets feature a secret ingredient that boosts the quality of audio files. Additionally, unlike third-party solutions, OEM-specific recording applications are certain to function with all of the phones microphones. If your phone has a default recording app, we advise giving it a shot at the very least. You might be surprised.

    Best Audio Recording App For Iphone

    Turn your iPhone into a Mini Recording Studio

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    Inspiration doesnt have a pause button! It can come when and where you least expect and you better be ready, or else youll have to depend on your memory something that readily fails even the best among us.

    Luckily, you dont have to haul your laptop everywhere you go just because you dont want to miss out on any inspiring thought. You can record audio on the go using your iPhone.

    And to help you choose the best audio recording app for iPhone, this guide will list some of the most reliable options available on the App Store.


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    Voice Recorder And Audio Editor

    I never thought any other app would be able to beat Voice Record Pro. I mean, what else do you want from an audio recording app for iPhone? That was until I found Voice Recorder and Audio Editor. You can also record phone calls with this app, but thats a premium feature.

    Some useful features are speed listening and sleep timer. Tapping on the share icon will reveal audio editing options like trim, upload, and transcribe. You can either save audio notes into folders or upload to most popular cloud storage sites.

    The pro plan will cost you $1.99 per month and unlock transcription, remove ads, unlock access to some other apps like QR Reader, Scanner, Photo Editor, and 20+ other apps. Call recording will cost $4.99 per month additionally.

    Waveeditor Record & Edit Audio

    WaveEditor for Android is an expert song recording app for recording & editing. WaveEditor is appropriate for media playback and audio format conversion since it supports many file types. Here, you can re-record the required part of a song, cut the soundtrack, and master the audio. You can manually modify each sound in a soundtrack or edit soundtracks using a predetermined template.


    • Files can be loaded and saved using the built-in file browser.
    • Independent and within-editor audio recorders.
    • Functions for zooming, panning, and selecting.

    Click here to download WaveEditor.

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    Summary: Best Recording Apps For Ios

    All of these apps have something to offer. If I had to pick a favourite though, Id probably go with the Hokusai Audio Editor. I was really impressed with its multitrack capabilities.

    And although it isnt a recording tool itself, I want to give a nod to iOS app EditPoint. Editing on your phone can be fiddly, and often difficult, but EditPoint is a great way to review your audio on-the-go, and create a production to-do list. If you record lengthy interviews you need to comb through for edits, then youll definitely want to be using this.

    Propellerhead Figure Make Music & Beats By Reason Studios Ab

    Best Audio Recorder App for iPhone

    If youve been in the beat making or electronic music world for any amount of time, surely, youve heard of Reason.

    From the same developer comes this app, the App Store Hall of Fame Inductee and Editors Choice / App of the Week , Propellerhead Figure .

    Figure promises to be an app with which you can make great sounding music in just seconds.

    With an intuitive and easy to use interface, Figure is perfect for beginners, but with enough features to keep you hooked for hours at a time.

    Sliding your finger across the play pad lets you record and tweak drumbeats, melodies, and bass lines.

    Figure lets you play in a variety of keys and modes, transform chords into melodies , swing, pump, save, browse, and load song files, and change loop length . It also comes with Reasons Thor synthesizer, Reasons Kong drum machine, and more.

    To get a better sense of how the apps works, check out some videos on YouTube, or simply try it out for yourself. It has a unique and fun interface, and once you get used to it, you can do quite a bit with it. Works with both iPad and iPhone.

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    Irec Call Recorder For Iphone

    Rating on the App Store: 4.5/5

    Record all kinds of calls, incoming,outbound or international, even when you are on another call with iRec iPhone call recorder device. Theeasy-to-use software lets you record calls your way, manually or automatically.

    UniqueFeatures of iRec Call Recorder for iPhone:

    • International calls: iRec Call Recorder for iPhone lets you make international calls with uninterrupted connectivity.
    • Transcription: You can use the apps transcription capabilities to convert audio recordings into text format.
    • Screen recording: You can also use iRec for recording screen without jailbreaks.

    iRec Call Recorder for iPhone Free Version: Free download option available through a monthly fee needs to be paid on the yearly basis.

    iRec Call Recorder Pricing: iRec Call is one of the best free call recorder for iPhone in India.

    iRec Call Recorder Compatibility: iOS 13.0 or later.

    Avr Awesome Voice Recorder

    With a name like Awesome Voice Recorder, you expect the best and this app delivers. There are some advanced features AVR offers that get on our top ten list such as tagging, combining two or more files together, and many others. It has a simple layout that is relatively simple to use but may prove a little challenging at times for brand new users. There is a free version as well as a paid upgrade to AVR Pro for $4.99.

    What We Like About It

    • Allows tagging of important events during the recording
    • Can pause recording and continue where you left off
    • All recordings are moved to a folder that can be saved and password protected
    • Compatible with Apple Watch
    • No feature that allows multiple file transfer to Dropbox
    • Clearer instructions needed for some functions such as combining

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    Audiokit L7 Live Looper

    • $19.99/£19.99/AU$30.99

    AudioKit L7 Live Looper brings pro-grade live looping functionality to iPhone in a way thats easy for anyone to use. Inspired by the Roland Boss RC-505 Loop Station, the app lets you use your devices mic to gradually build a composition from loops of audio you record live.

    The app is designed primarily for use with your voice. Even if you cant hold a tune, you can beatbox a rhythm, and when you do want to try your hand at bass or melody, autotune and other effects are on hand to help.

    For other instruments, the app is less immediate and a touch fiddly, but nonetheless usable when working on layered ideas for guitars. We suspect the cost may be off-putting for the merely curious, but if youve ever wanted your iPhone to be a portable looper, this is the app youve been waiting for.

    The 10 Best Music Recording Apps For Android

    Best Audio Recorder Apps for iPhone & iPad

    Song recording apps for Android are better and more powerful than you might expect. Here are our picks of the best.

    Due to the association of Mac computers with creative people like musicians, you might think that iOS is the only mobile platform suitable for music recording. But that isn’t trueAndroid has caught up rapidly in this department.

    Android has some fantastic apps for recording songs. Here’s our pick of the 10 best music recording apps for Android.

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    The Very Best Music Streaming Apps You Should Be Trying

    You don’t have to buy individual songs or albums. Instead, purchase a monthly subscription and stream unlimited music from Apple Music, Spotify, or Amazon Prime Music. Whatever your listening habits, these free music apps for iPhone are essential downloads. While all these apps are free, some require a paid subscription to listen. About half, however, are free with ads .

    Once you have the app you want, connect your iPhone to a bluetooth speaker and enjoy. Just close the windows if you go with a speaker in the shower.

    • Spotify Singles, Podcasts, and other exclusive content.

    • Enormous music library with curated streams and playlists.

    • Can’t skip tracks in the free version.

    • The free account is limited to 15 playlists and 750 songs.

    • The free account is ad-supported.

    The biggest name in music streaming, Spotify has more users around the world than any other service. It has a huge music catalog, cool sharing and social features, and Pandora-style radio stations. It recently added podcasts to its collectionincluding many that are exclusive to Spotifymaking it a go-to destination for all kinds of media, not only music.

    While iPhone owners used to pay $10 per month to use Spotify on iOS devices, there’s now a free tier that lets you shuffle music and playlists without a subscription . You will have to listen to ads with this version, though.

    • The free version is ad-supported.

    • Need a subscription to remove ads or add more skips.

    • No live content.

    Home Recording Academy: Best Music Recording App For Mobile Devices

    Published in Pre-Mastering

    Todays recording equipment is more portable than it has ever been. Got a laptop and an audio interface? Grab a microphone and youve got a mobile studio. But if even thats not portable enough for you, you can get even more mobile by recording on your smartphone or tablet.

    Since we like exploring different types of DAW recording software here on the Sage Audio blog, we thought wed expand the concept a bit and look at what recording software is available for mobile devices.

    GarageBand for iOS

    If you are using an iPad, iPhone or iPod for recording, GarageBand for iOS may be the way to go. The app functions fairly similarly to the Mac OS version of GarageBand, and even if you havent used that software, the iOS version is intuitive enough to pick up quickly.

    In addition to providing a recording platform, the service comes with a ton of virtual instruments, so you dont need anything more than your phone or tablet. You can store the songs you make easily in iCloud, and can even have real time, recordable jam sessions with up to three friends via WiFi or Bluetooth.

    If you prefer to work with real instruments, Behringer just introduced a new iSTUDIO docking station for iPad that allows you to connect instruments, microphones, MIDI instruments and even turntables to a convenient package that wraps around your iPad.

    Audio Evolution Mobile

    PocketBand Pro

    J4T for Android

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    Studiomini Xl Recording Studio

    StudioMini XL proudly boasts its use on the latest Album by The Gorillaz. Rightly so â its simple and user-friendly design will be familiar to musicians already familiar with desk top recorders such as those offered by Korg and Tascam. There are some looped beats of various styles of music to help you along the way. It would have been nice to see a punch in feature. As it is, you are relegated to an all or nothing mentality when it comes to deciding on keeping a track or redoing it completely. Though limited in options, StudioMini is a solid, straight forward multi-track recorder that does what it claims to do, and does it well.

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