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Best Music From The 90’s

I Dont Want To Miss A Thing Aerosmith

top 100 songs of the 1990s

I Dont Want To Miss A Thing was inspired by an interview where James Brolin said he missed his wife while he slept.

The male narrator professes his love for a woman, declaring that he never wants to miss a moment with her.

It took #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped charts worldwide, including Ireland and Norway, in 1998.

Best 90s Songs: The Ultimate 90s Music Playlist

Every genre is represented well among the best 90s songs, from country and pop to hard rock and hip hop. After all, diversity was a true sign of the times.

Whether youre searching for party anthems, sentimental ballads, karaoke favorites, or obscure nostalgic tunes, were positive youll find at least one track in our ultimate 90s music playlist.

Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

Jason Pierce originally wanted to interpolate Elvis Presleys Cant Help Falling In Love into the title track of Spiritualizeds grand opus but was denied by The Kings estate. No matter, he did it anyway a decade later. In its original album form, Ladies And Gentlemen is a shimmering, devotional intro to a record that plucks heartstrings even while whacked out on every chemical under the sun.

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Black Hole Sun By Soundgarden

Certainly not the band’s most aggressive or melodic song, Black Hole Sun remains Soundgardens most quintessential tracks thanks to its eerily apocalyptic lyrics and the late Chris Cornell’s uncanny ability to perform verbal gymnastics with his vocal cords. Its as if David Lynch wandered down from Twin Peaks to dabble in Seattle grunge: a rollickingly complex symphony of crunchy guitars, tripped-out lyrical content and rock-star bravado. Andy Kryza

Around The World Daft Punk

50 Best of the 90

Daft Punk was one of the most influential electronic music duos in the world. Over their long & successful career, they have released dozens of infectious dance tracks that you cant listen to without wanting to bust some moves. A perfect example of the duos musical ability is their hit single Around the World. It features a futuristic boogie bassline, a dash of a keyboard melody, and an insistent hook that you cant just seem to forget.

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Crash Into Me Dave Matthews Band

When the Dave Matthews Band first emerged on the scene, no one was paying attention. But that only lasted until they released their hit single Crash into Me. Since it was first released, the song has only continued to amass more success and popularity. Most people from the era coined the song as a sexy ballad, full of sorrow and dread, all about pining over someone from afar.

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The Best 100 Songs From The 1990s

From a pop musical standpoint, the 1990s was one of the most eclectic, and the best songs of the decade still sound fresh today. New acts like Nirvana changed the way people listened to rock music, while established stars like Madonna had the biggest hits of their careers. Boy bands and divas dominated the pop and dance charts, while East and West Coast rappers gave hip-hop a fresh sense of urgency.

So who were some of the biggest acts of the 1990s? Mariah Carey had more No. 1 hits than anyone else during that decade. Other artists who dominated the charts included Janet Jackson, Boyz II Men, Whitney Houston, and TLC. At the beginning of the ’90s, Seattle birthed the grunge movement, which melded punk and hard rock, producing such influential bands as Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.

As the decade progressed, grunge was absorbed into the larger, radio-friendly “alternative rock” genre, then gave way to aggro-rock and nu-metal bands like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park at the end of the decade. Fatboy Slim and the Chemical Brothers rejuvenated electronica, Shania Twain and Garth Brooks spurred a resurgence in the popularity of country music, and Jay-Z and Tupac Shakur brought new life to hip-hop.

Find out if your favorite song from the 1990s made the cut in this list of 100 hits from the decade.

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Always Be My Baby By Mariah Carey

Unpopular opinion: I think Mariah Carey is underrated. Kidding. I mean, the woman has 19 Billboard Hot 100 number one songs, 18 of which she wrote or cowrote . Her 90s catalog is legendary, so it’s hard to choose a favoritebut “Always Be My Baby” hits different. No matter where I am or how I’m feeling, I hear those opening “do-do-dos” and can’t help but sing. Give her all the lifetime achievement awards and Hall of Fame inductions now, please. M.H.


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Deborah Cox: Nobodys Supposed To Be Here

Top 20 90s Songs You Forgot Were Awesome

Deborah Cox spent the first six months of her music career touring as a backup singer for Celine Dion, a crash course in how to make every note a spectacle. On her breakout hit, Nobodys Supposed to be Here, the smallest shifts are mesmerizingthe jagged edge in her throat when she admits love has knocked her down, the way the vowel caves in when she sings the word sad, the shock of shriek that builds up as she belts the chorus. Gentle percussion and chimes swirl in the background, and the song winds around and around Coxs circular thinking, as she spirals through dejection, hope, and refusal, all leading up to a cathartic key change. Im not supposed to care anymore, she moans as the track trickles out, a final sigh before she gives in. Dani Blum

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Motownphilly By Boyz Ii Men

Boyz II Men is the cultural phenomenon that somehow nobody talks about anymore: A Motown-backed, vocally driven boy band with swagger to spare. The frantic, smoother-than-Cheez-Wiz Motownphilly was the bands breakout, a shot in the arm for pop charts long starved for Temptations-calibre voices updated for a new era. It paved the way for the groups bigger ballads to overtake the radio. More crucially and tragically it also paved the way for acts like NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys to rip off their style wholesale like some sort of frosted-tip Elvis Presleys. But they never topped Motownphilly. Nobody did. Andy Kryza

No Time By Lil Kim Feat Puff Daddy

In the mid to late 90s, Sean Puff Daddy Combs and his cadre of artists, often referred to as The Family, ruled the hip-hop charts. Lil Kim was one of the most distinctive voices of that era and the female power player of the crew. This song is a bravura showcase of exactly that. A.G.

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Camp Lo: Luchini Aka This Is It

Among the most evocative acts of New Yorks mid-90s major-label hip-hop boom, the Bronx duo Camp Lo blended Harlem Renaissance verve with Blaxploitation-era sizzle. The sole single from their debut album Uptown Saturday Night, Luchini AKA This Is It distills Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suedes dynamic energy and vividat times impenetrablevernacular. The songs heavily referential verses unfold like the ecstatic denouement of a heist film, replete with silk shirts, Italian liqueurs, and sumptuous island getaways. Built around a two-bar horn sample from Dynastys luxurious 1980 R& B track Adventures in the Land of Music, Ski Beatzs production captures the rush of 125th Street across its various heydays. Only a group as bold as Camp Lo would dare kick off their career with a victory lap. Pete Tosiello

Warren G / Nate Dogg: Regulate

Various Artists

If Dr. Dres G-funk was marked by its hydraulic lurch, his little step brother Warren Gs version was more like a sophisticated slide. His biggest hits understated swagger, and the ease with which the bad-night-goes-good tale unfurls, renders the narrative violence beside the pointits all seen through the dewy lens of whatever swell things went down later on at the Eastside Motel. Besides, the beat is so slick, it would be impossible for any sense of menace to stick to it in the first place. Gritty? Of course. But the Michael McDonald sample makes it clear: This is Long Beach yacht rap. Marty Sartini Garner

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Ghostface Killah: Daytona 500

Beholding the power of Wu-Tang at their peak was like stumbling onto the worlds most esoteric track meetcryptic smartasses bombing hammers and javelins all over the field, with points awarded according to the precepts of Supreme Mathematics. Daytona 500 fulfills the titles promise of speed: Over a rubbery strut sampled from Bob James jazz workhorse Nautilus, Raekwons leadoff leg effortlessly piles up internal rhymes and mordant asides. Ghost follows with his particular blend of artisanal flexes and invincibility . They build a big enough lead for Cappa to break the tape, beer sloshing out of his cup. Brad Shoup

I Want It That Way By The Backstreet Boys

I could never choose between the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC growing up. Instead of taking part in that fandom feud, my folders were always decked out in Lisa Frank prints. That being said, I would rank I Want It That Way as the greatest jam of either boy bands hits, so I guess that makes me a Backstreet girl. E.T.

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Non Blondes: Whats Up

Built around a vocal performance so huge that it nearly swallows the songs jangly guitar riff, Whats Up? is the sound of wild mood swings happening in real time. Frontwoman Linda Perry sang about being 25, exhausted by the pain of everyday living, and frustrated by the slow pace of personal and political progress, with the sincerity of someone young enough to keep striving for something better. Impossible to slot neatly into a genre, the track threw Perry into conflict with veteran producer David Ticklewho tried to rewrite her lyrics, among other unnecessary interventionsand forced her to fight for the eclectic, eccentric voice that would make her a sought-after pop songwriter in the aughts. The song is essential not just to Perrys origin story, but also to creating an overwhelmingperhaps chemically alteredrush of emotion that has fueled three decades of crying jags and karaoke jams. Judy Berman

Origin Unknown: Valley Of The Shadows

Top 20 Most Ridiculous 90s Music Videos Ever

If you were at a drumnbass rave at any point in the 90s, chances are you know the feeling of being in a long, dark tunnel, a sensation forever trademarked by the sample in Andy C and Ant Miles iconic 1993 anthem Valley of the Shadows. The track contains little more than arpeggiated bells, a shuffling Think break, eerie pads, and a 31 seconds soundbite from the Apollo 11 moon landingmostly sounds from a free sample CD that came with a 1993 issue of Future Music magazineyet it sums up the darkcore aesthetic of early jungle with chilling simplicity . Nearly 30 years on, Andy C is drumnbass top DJ, and RAM has over 440 releases to its name. In a genre thats come to be associated with daredevil drops and over-the-top production trickery, you can still get a mighty rewind off this stone-cold classic. Vivian Host

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Paranoid Android By Radiohead

Thom Yorkes merry men started the 90s as a crunchy, Americanised alt rock band called On A Friday. They ended the decade recording the ultra-moody, minimal, esoteric electronic tracks that would end up on Kid A. Paranoid Android represents the exact fulcrum of that shift, foreshadowing Radioheads future with its weird time signatures and conceptual lyrics, but also harking back to the early period when the band werent too cool and clever to write a killer riff. James Manning

The Rain Missy Elliott

Missy Elliot released this song as her debut single for her album, Supa Dupa Fly.

The lyrics basically serve as a screw you to all the music executives who said Elliot wouldnt make it in the music business.

The alternative hip hop groove claimed the #4 spot on Billboards Hot R& B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in 1997.

Unbelievable appeared on EMFs debut album, Schubert Dip.

This alt-rock anthem focuses on a high-maintenance girl who is demanding and never returns favors.

It peaked at #3 on the UK Singles chart and hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1991.

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Cat Power: Cross Bones Style

You could spend a lifetime trying to detangle the spell cast by Cross Bones Style, with its twilit guitars and peppy percussion that never quite falls in step with Chan Marshalls voice. Searching for some kind of impossible salvation in the eyes of a child who has seen too much, her vocals are doubledweary yet hopeful, meditative and pleadinglike a rope that braids and frays. Cat Powers songshave protested the cruelties we inflict on each other yet the abstracted poetry of Cross Bones Style, inspired by two orphans whose parents were killed in South Africas blood diamond mines, is both frighteningly specific and lingers like a myth. Owen Myers

Tori Amos: Cornflake Girl

Simply The Best 90

The 90s was a great decade for female musicians, particularly those who held fast to their own beguiling vision. The 1994 single Cornflake Girl, by US songwriter Tori Amos, is the perfect example a waltzy piano rocker from her Under The Pink album, it peaked at No.4 in the UK, becoming one of the best Tori Amos songs in the process. Perhaps surprisingly, Amos found her face adorning boxes of Kelloggs Corn Flakes to help promote the song. However, with lyrics inspired by a book about female genital mutilation, Amos gave Cornflake Girl a feminist message that quickly found its home among the best 90s songs.

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List Of Billboard Hot 100 Number

This article is about the American Billboard Hot 100 chart held during the 1990s.

The Billboard Hot 100 chart is the main song chart of the American music industry and is updated every week by the Billboard magazine. During the 1990s the chart was based collectively on each single’s weekly physical sales figures and airplay on American radio stations.

Another Day in Paradise” by Phil Collins began the 1990s in the number-one position, spending the first two weeks of the decade on top, but its first week at number one was on the chart dated December 23, 1989. Santana‘s “Smooth” featuring Rob Thomas finished the decade and began the next with a 12-week run atop the Hot 100.

My Bloody Valentine: Only Shallow

Commentary on My Bloody Valentine tends to focus on the guitar soundits swarming amorphousness, the way its simultaneously soft as snow and hard as nails. Nicknamed glide guitar by its inventor Kevin Shields, its generated by a technique of fast strumming through sustained tremolo and a studio effect known as reverse reverb. But MBVs swoon-power, their unmatched ability to make you sway and flutter your closed eyelids, comes as much from the breathy vocals of Shields and Bilinda Jayne Butcher. The Irish-English group liked to talk about their not-really-there sound on Only Shallow, Butcher really does sound barely there, a palimpsest of a person wiped out by sensations beyond verbalizing. There are lyrics, but you can hardly make out a word as Butchers vocal texture blurs into the surrounding wooze. The opening salvo on the shoegaze classic Loveless, Only Shallow showcased another of the bands under-discussed strengths: melody. Scores of underground rock groups were doing excruciatingly extreme things with guitars in the early 90s, but nobody melded tuneful and torrential as exquisitely as My Bloody Valentine. Simon Reynolds

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Cornershop: Brimful Of Asha

In 2011, Asha Bhosle recalled the time that Brimful of Asha helped her through the immigration desk at Londons Heathrow Airport. When the officer on the desk quizzed her on her profession as singer, she offered the silky, languorous indie-pop Cornershop song as a referencenot because it was one of the thousands shed appeared on over her years as a Bollywood playback singer, but rather because it was one written in her honor. By thenthanks mostly to a pitched-up earworm of a big-beat-era Fatboy Slim remixthe song was a core component of rose-tinted nostalgia for the late 90s. For a song about recognitionfighting for it, or being denied itby a political, punkish, Punjabi-led band whod named themselves after the racial stereotype of British Asians owning convenience stores, Bhosles immigration play was perhaps a fitting encounter. After all, in Hindi, the name Asha also means hope. Will Pritchard

Weezer: Buddy Holly 1994

Top 10 90s Rock Songs You Forgot Were Awesome

Thanks to the inventive Happy Days tribute of its Spike Jonze-directed music video, Weezers 1994 single Buddy Holly brought a sense of fun back to alternative rock after Kurt Cobains demise seemed to signify its death knell. Produced by Ric Ocasek the main songwriter in new wave band The Cars Buddy Holly was a punky blast of sun-kissed optimism that saw Weezer harness everything from late-70s/early-80s power-pop to 60s-inspired harmonies in order to give contemporary rock a bubblegum-pop makeover. Peaking at No.12 in the UK, it remains Weezers signature anthem and brought joy to the grunge scenes mourning party.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers: Under The Bridge

Thanks to guitarist John Frusciantes bewitching guitar riff, Red Hot Chili Peppers 1991 ballad Under The Bridge instantly became an alt-rock classic among the best 90s songs. Frontman Anthony Kiedis impassioned vocal reflects on heroin addiction as the song encompasses the bands fondness for funk-rock, building to a euphoric gospel-inspired conclusion. Reaching No.2 in the US, it propelled Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik into the public consciousness, proving that Nirvana were far from the only band capable of reigniting enthusiasm for rocknroll.

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