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Beginner Snare Drum Sheet Music

Which Drum Music Notation Software Should I Try Out

Free Beginner Snare Drum Practice Pad Rhythm Practice 4 20201218 – Zithron

After a lot of experimentation, Id personally recommend you get a free trial of Guitar Pro.

As youll probably have guessed, Guitar Pro doesnt just do drum music, but its by far the simplest software Ive ever used for drum notation.

Its super easy to pick up and youll be expressing your creativity in no time.

So, without further ado, lets learn to read drum music notation!

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams By Green Day

This is a great song to play along to because the tempo is nice and moderate. At this point, Ive usually taught my student to play a basic rock beat as well as how to link it together with a simple drum fill. Boulevard of Broken uses a variation of the basic rock beat. The variation consists of adding a second bass drum stroke on beat 3. *Pro tip: a great way to improve is to record yourself practising. I recommend using GarageBand to do this.

Teach It To Someone Else

Another great way of improving your reading abilities is teaching them to someone else. Many drummers will tell you that their note reading skills skyrocketed once they started teaching.

It makes sense. You need to have a good understanding of something before sharing that knowledge with another person. Teaching someone else to read will also cause you to find the easiest ways of understanding drum sheet music.

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How To Read Drum Sheet Music: Step By Step Guide For Beginners

Matt Marriott

Learning how to understand and read drum sheet music, aka drum music and/or drum notation, can be very intimidating at first. Do drummers have to be able to read drum music in order to play? You most certainly can learn to play the drums without knowing how to read drum sheet music. It probably seems much easier and less boring to just sit behind a drum kit and start playing .

However, there is so much knowledge that can be used the sooner you learn how to read drum music. Youre likely to learn how to play the drums faster. You can be more creative when making your own beats. It can even be used as a tool to help you break down a drum fill from your favorite drummer. Feel free to follow along on my and accounts as I post free drum beats along with the drum sheet music that goes with it!

Simply put, understanding and being able to read drum sheet music will help make you a better drummer and musician.

This guide is geared towards someone that is just starting off on this topic. We will be sticking to mostly the basics . Once you understand the basics, everything else will fall into place, so lets get to it.

Drum Notation Guide: How To Read Drum Sheet Music

Snare drum sheet music based around single stroke fours and sextuplets ...

Interestingly drums are one of the few instruments where most people dont learn to play them by reading notes. However, reading drum sheet music is a wildly useful skill that can further your playing.

So, heres a comprehensive guide on everything related to drum sheet music. Were going to look through how to read drum notes with lots of examples, and Ill also give you some tips on improving your reading skills. Lets get to it!


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How Do I Know Which Part Of The Drum Kit To Play

Now that you have a better knowledge of the different types of notes and how to count them, we need to take a look at how different parts of the drum kit are written on the stave.

Here is a key to where all the different parts of a drum set sit on a stave:

As a general rule, the lower in pitch the instrument, the lower its going to be on the stave.

So looking at the drum key above you can see that the kick drum is right in the bottom space , with the cymbals being all the way at the top, as they are higher in pitch than the drums.

The only exception being the stepped hi-hat .

Its at the bottom of the stave to differentiate it from a normal hi-hat thats struck with a stick.

Cymbals are always represented with the notehead as an X , whereas drums will have a normal notehead.

Drum Sheet Music On A Drum Set

Ok, one last deep breath. We have finally arrived at seeing drum sheet music applied to a drum set to create a drum beat.

The biggest addition we are applying now is utilizing the drum key and we will be seeing more than one note within the staff. Up to this point every example weve covered contained only the snare drum. When playing on the drum set you could be playing more than one note, or multiple parts of the drum set.

What we have here is your typical rock style drum beat. We have eighth notes being played on the hi-hats, a quarter note on the snare drum on count 2 and 4, and a quarter note on the bass drum on count 1 and 3.

This is something that you can actually practice even without a drum set. Use your dominate hand to play the high hat beats, your non dominate hand for the snare, and your dominate foot for the bass. Play the beat on your body, the kitchen table, your car steering wheel!

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The Best Way To Learn How To Play Snare Drumnotes

When it comes to reaching your full potential as a drummer, theres no better way to get there than with the help of a private drum instructor. To properly learn how to play snare drum and develop good playing habits, personalized guidance from a teacher is priceless. Whenever youre feeling stuck, your teacher can help you find the beat again!

Ready to play? Search for adrum instructor near you.

What are your favorite snare drum exercises? Let us know in the comments below!

Post Author:Tracy D. teaches percussion and , as well as online. She has played the drums for more than 13 years. Tracy earned her Bachelors in Music Education from Oklahoma Christian University and has played with the OKC Community Orchestra since 2009.

Tips For Beginning To Read Drum Notation

Easiest Song On Drums | First Drum Lesson | “Sugar” Drum Lesson

When starting to read drum notes, its important to consider the following helpful tips to ensure you meet success.

1. Break the lesson down into smaller pieces.

When learning a new song on drums, divide its sections into unique groups and work on them one at a time. Then connect them together. This trick will help you memorize the parts of the song more quickly.

2. Take it slow.

New drummers need to develop coordination between their limbs. Learning drums is just as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge. A good method for new drummers is to practice rudiments and paradiddles taught in our drum lessons so that you can learn different patterns of right and left strokes on the drums.

Much like learning how to play a video game for the first time, your brain needs to learn right and left striking patterns. This can take time, so patience is important.

3. Set time aside to practice every day.

Beginner drummers need to train their brains to use their limbs in new ways. Setting aside time every day to practice will help reinforce good habits and lead to more consistent improvement than doing longer, less-frequent practice sessions.

4. Consider drum notation software.

5. Use words to make rhythms easier.

For beginners, learning to read drum notation is a lot like learning a new language. Use associations early on to remember what certain things mean on the drums. For example, certain words contain syllables that are applicable to different rhythms.

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Snare Drum Sheet Music

Snare Drum Music

Musicnotes is proud to offer the world’s largest online digital sheet music catalogue with a wide selection of snare drum sheet music available to print and play instantly. From snare drum solos to duets and parts for a band, our library includes a variety of arrangement types to choose from, each piece carefully compiled by our expert team. Whether you’re a music teacher seeking beginner snare drum sheet music, or a novice yourself, Musicnotes is an excellent place to find easy drum notation for new players, offering arrangements designed for every skill level.

Make the most of your snare drum sheet music by downloading our free app, which makes it easier than ever to browse, purchase, and download music wherever you are. Interact with your sheet music anywhere with in-app transposition, text and highlighter markup, and adjustable audio/video playback. Plus, organize your music into folders and set lists and much more!

Check out our assortment of our most recently added and bestselling snare drum music below.

Eye Of The Tiger By Survivor

This is a great song for beginners because the intro drum hits are very intuitive. Its also very fun for beginners to learn how to choke the crash cymbal with their hand. Students can usually recognize the intro rhythm without notation. If need be, I break the intro down into 4 separate sections and have them practise each section individually. Once they understand each section, I have them play the punches in sequence along to the recording. Once this is mastered, I get them to learn the beat. The beat is a basic straight eighth note rock pattern. For many beginner students this can be a little fast. When this is the case, I replace the eighth notes on the hi-hat with quarter notes.

1/8 note rock beat:

1/4 note rock beat:

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Note Lengths And Note Values

A notes length/value tells you how long that note lasts in the music.

If youre playing a slow old blues track, youre likely to have big old note values with lots of time taken up by each note.

As a result, the music feels slow and relaxed. Everyone is taking their time with each note.

If youre into heavy metal, and youre playing thunderous double bass with both feet, the note values are likely to be a lot smaller, with lots of them squeezed together.

This makes the music feel fast and frenzied. These are the kind of notes youd be likely to play in a drum solo too.

DID YOU KNOW? Frank Zappa famously wrote a piece called The Black Page. It was filled with so many small note values, pressed so close together, that the page appeared to turn almost completely black with ink.

Free Sheet Music Download

16 bar snare drum piece

The following easy drum songs will get you playing your first song in less than 5 minutes. They are presented in order of difficulty. The first 2 songs are linear, meaning the notes arent played at the same time, whereas the last 3 require a bit of hand independence and will take a little bit longer to master. To find a qualified drum teacher in Canada, visit Drum Lessons Montreal, Drum Lessons Toronto, or Drum Lessons Vancouver.

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How To Read Drum Notation

Like the English language, drum notation is read from left to right. The staff is made up of five lines and four spaces, but notes can be positioned above or below the staff as well. Notes are placed in the staff based on which part of the drum set should be played at any given time. Notice below that the bass drum is in a different position on the staff than the snare or ride cymbal.

Drums are notated by dots, while cymbals are notated with an x. These symbols typically have stems attached to them, which help explain how to count the beat that is shown.

Reading drum notation

There are several symbols musicians should know when starting to read drum notation, especially if theyre just starting off with a four- or five-piece drum set.

Reading the music staff for drums

Music is often divided up into even groups of space. We use measures in music to organize the rhythms of the song into these repeated groupings to make it easier to count through a song. To communicate what grouping we should count, we use whats called a time signature.

Reading time signatures

A time signature contains two numbers displayed as a fraction. The top number tells you how many beats to count within one measure, and the bottom number tells you what type of note gets the beat . Think of the time signature as ruler. Youre measuring time, or more accurately, the space between the notes that youre playing.

Drum Sheet Music: How To Read & Write It

August 14, 2022 by Yannick

Being able to read drum sheet music has been one of the greatest assets in my drumming career so far! I know that not all the drummers are interested in it but for my own professionalism, I prefrred to learn it.

Seriously, it doesnât matter whether I walked into the rehearsal room of a new band or joined an orchestra. Once they saw that I could sit down in front of a piece of paper and just start playing with them â they were impressed.

And Iâm not saying that in order to brag. Rather, I want to motivate you to learn to read drum sheet music too. For drummers who canât are a dime and a dozen. And once you can, this will make it so much easier for you to be picked by a band â or whatever formation you want to join â instead of begging to be considered. Because knowing how to read drum sheet music will help you to be differentiated from the others.

Freedrum- Play the drums anytime, anywhere

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  • Compatible with all major music software / DAWs

So without further ado, letâs jump in: Iâll take you from absolute zero to reading a fairly complex four-bar phrase in the first half of the article. Itâs not difficult but somewhat technical â so please bear with me.There are also some books that can help you with drum sheets. I can recommend you to have a look at Master Studies.

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What Is Drum Notation

Drum notation is different than sheet music, although they look similar and use some of the same concepts. In sheet music, the symbols on the staff correspond to different notes. In drum notation, the symbols represent different parts of the drum set to be played. This is useful for beginners learning to coordinate their limbs, helping to develop the necessary skill sets to both comfortably keep steady time and play the correct part of the drum set.

In drum notation, the symbols represent different parts of the drum set

In drum notation, the notes are written on the staff and are separated by vertical bar lines. The space between the bar lines is referred to as a measure. You will typically count beats while playing different notes on the drum set within each measure.

Drum notation does contain similarities to sheet music in that measures are counted and read the same way. By learning to read and write this part of the musical language, youll develop a strong sense of timing and rhythm control.

So What Does 4/4 Actually Mean

Drummer101: How To Read Sheet Music for Drums

The number on the top of the time signature is the number of beats. In this case its 4.

The number on the bottom is the note value, which you may remember we looked at earlier. If you see a 4 here, that means youre dealing with, you guessed it, the good old crotchet!

The time signature gives you a certain allowance of notes youre allowed per chunk of music.

Think of it like spending money.

In this example, you are only allowed 4 crotchets worth of notes before your allowance runs out.

At that point, we stick a line down the staff to signify that this little chunk of music is done and there is no more room in this section.

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Get Realtime Performance Feedback

You don’t have to practice the drums on your own. With the School of Rock Method app, you can receive realtime feedback on every beat, rim-click, and crash.

How is drum notation different from drum tablature?

Drum tab notation is a simplified version of drum notation. Instead of using the typical notes you would read in a piece of music, drum tablature uses a series of vertical and horizontal lines with different characters to represent rhythm and patterns for the drummer to play. All drummers are different and learn in different ways.

New drummers can benefit from using drum tab notation to begin learning the basics, almost as a steppingstone to drum notation. However, drum tablature is complicated in its own right and is largely a relic of a time when computers could not easily support the layout of drum notation.

The Printable Sheet Music Of This Lesson Shows Exercises On The Snare Drum With Different Combinations Of Double Strokes

The following exercises about double strokes alternate fourths, eights and sixteenths. Control of bounce enables you to play the double strokes, with the sticks, fast and accurately. Beginners should play every pattern slowly at first, increasing the speed only when all strokes are played with precision and equality, and the maximum looseness.You should play the exercises inverting the hands and, after you have learnt them singularly, play all the exercises consecutively.

Drum sheet music Double strokes 1 File ZIP

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