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6th Street Austin Live Music

The Driskill Hotel & Bar

East 6th Street: A legendary street marred by increasing violence in recent years | KVUE

The Driskill Hotel

There is nothing classier than the historical and haunted Driskill Hotel. Located at Sixth and Brazos, its cowboy decor is far from a hipsters ironic attempt at being Texan. Rather, it holds a traditional and tasteful representation of the true spirit of Texas.

This is great place to start or end the night, where youll find live music almost every night of the week. I recommend the bacon-wrapped dates and Sage Advice cocktail.

604 Brazos St. Website

Firehouse Lounge And Hostel

Just off the sixth street, Firehouse Lounge and Hostel is located at 605 Brazos St, Austin, TX 78701. Enter the lobby and find the bookshelves that lead to the bar that gives you access to the bar. The energetic atmosphere that sets in as it gets later at night is all worth it after enjoying delicious drinks! Dont exclude the food for drinks, you must order their hummus!

Where To Drink On The East Side

Our favorite bars in Austins best drinking neighborhood.

For a long, long time, there was only one 6th Street in Austin. And it was Dirty. But thats no longer the case. Over the past few years, East 6th and the surrounding area has become the coolest place to drink in town. Whether or not you get excited about whats new and hot, theres no denying that theres a high concentration of awesome bars around here.

So whether youre finally ready to move on from your Dirty 6th routine, or youre visiting Austin for the first time and want to know where the cool people drink, here are our favorite bars on the East Side.

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Get To Know The Live Music Capital Of The World

First-time visitors might be surprised to find themselves being entertained with live music as they walk through the terminal at Austin’s airport after deplaning. But they shouldn’t be. Live music, and music in many other forms, is everywhere in Austin. Musicians play everywhere from the airport terminal to grocery stores. They play outdoors at seasonal live music series and at world-famous festivals. Nightly, you’ll find Austin musicians at clubs, coffeehouses, bars, taquerias, sporting events, and concert halls – and with hundreds of live music venues, it can be intimidating knowing where to start.

Find out more about the quintessential Austin music experiences, get to know some of our best acts, or explore our extensive Venue Guide to find the experience that’s right for you.

Essential Bars Up And Down 6th Street In Austin

6th Street, SXSW, Austin TX, March 2012

In Austin, 6th Street is the place to go for drinking and entertainment. Divided into three sections, on West 6th, youll find high-class cocktail lounges. East 6th is a combination of cozy dive bars and, dare we say, hipster spots. Where fame turns to infamy is our locally coined Dirty 6th, where people go to party, hard. Whatever your vibe, here are our favorite bars to hit up on 6th Street!

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What Is Austins 6th Street

World famous Sixth Street in downtown Austin Texas began life as Pecan Street. Although its a cliché to say so no visit to Austin is complete without at least a brief tour of this famous street.

Sixth Street was known for its bars and music back in the 1800s when it was Pecan Street. After the American Civil War Armstrong Custer and his solders were stationed in the Texas capitol. They found entertainment at the bars clustered along the street. By the 1880s German immigrants had founded beer gardens and music halls on Pecan Street.

Over the years the area has had its ups and downs. Originally it saw a great deal of commercial development including the famous Driskill Hotel. Much of the architecture is Victorian commercial style. In the 1970s the area around East Sixth Street developed into a nightlife hotspot with a host of live music clubs and bars. Antones Nightclub opened in 1975 and was the first club to open on the revitalized street. Antones has helped to launch the careers of many notable performers including Stevie Ray Vaughn.In 1975 the nine blocks of East Sixth Street between Lavaca Street and Interstate 35 were officially named the Sixth Street Historic District and listed in the National Register of historic Places.

Today Sixth Street is still home to numerous live music venues including Petes Dueling Piano Bar B.D. Rileys Pub Friends the Stage on Sixth and the Parrish.

If you visit Austin Texas drive on by Sixth Street and check it out.

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What Is 6th Street In Austin Known For

6th street, once called Pecan Street, was named after the famous Pecan Street Festival, the hot spot for the Republic of Texas Bikers Rally after parties. Austins culture is unique and like no other, and the sixth street embodies the entertainment that Austin has to offer.

6th Street Austin provides an inviting atmosphere from its open doors and windows, hospitality, and live music. As time passes by Austin grows from a small town to a large city, but the sixth street continues to symbolize what it did originally.

Guide To Austins Dirty Sixth Street

Mass shooting on Sixth Street: Latest from Austin, Texas

February 4, 2016 by Jessica Pino

Dirty Sixth Street

Whether you love it or loath it, Sixth Street is one of the most iconic streets in Austin. Its the epicenter of what made Austin the Live Music Capital of the World.

There are three sections of Sixth Street in Austin: West, East and what locals refer to as Dirty. West Sixth is the section of Sixth Street that runs west from Congress Avenue. For the most part, the nightlife scene ends at North Lamar Boulevard.

Technically, and according to street signs, East Sixth starts at Congress Avenue and runs east, but thats not what youll hear from locals. We refer to the section of Sixth Street that stretches from Congress Avenue to I-35 as Dirty Sixth. Then East Sixth is anything east of I-35. Dont get confused by the street signs youll be talking like a local in no time.

There are actually quite a few wonderful businesses on Dirty Sixth that arent as dirty as you might imagine.

Looking for late night eats in Austin? Check out 20 Restaurants Open Late in Austin!

And for the best places to eat at on sixth street & other downtown areas check out our 10 Best Restaurants in Downtown Austin!

Yes, there are bars that offer dollar shots, and plenty of people who dont know how to handle their alcohol. But there is also a charm that often goes overlooked. So here are the diamonds in the rough the best of the best on Dirty Sixth Street.

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The Best 10 Music Venues Near Sixth Street District Austin Tx 78701

  • Live musicEstablished in 1975

    Antone’s is an absolute iconic spot that you HAVE to visit if you’re ever in Austin. The food + drinks are incredible, the owners + staff are always extremely professional + more

  • Warehouse District

    This is a placeholder

    Austin’s most awarded cocktail bar, The Roosevelt Room offers an epicurean drinking experience provided by its talented bar staff, specializing in both classic and original more

  • Outdoor dining

  • Established in 1975
  • Music: Live

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  • Music: Live

  • was played. All that was missing were cowboys and live music, but still gonna say this was one of the better bars on the dirty ol strip.

  • This is a placeholder

  • Music: Live

  • This is a cute venue space. I came here for a drag show that was phenomenal. I deducted a star

  • This is a placeholder

  • Music: Live

  • Venue is cool. Sound was sub par but not terrible. Staff was standoffish at the door with my group

  • This is a placeholder

  • Music: Live

  • Live music/band, small intimate setting, and roof top area with an industrial fan that saved my life lol

  • This is a placeholder

  • Music: Live

  • i was supposed to see a band here last night. i bought my tickets online for over $200 and my

    • Outdoor dining

  • This is a placeholder

  • Music: Live

  • to it. And this was AFTER my husband gave him cash for our tab. He was mad cuz the band was too loud

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  • Music: Live

  • and we were easily able to get our drinks and hear ourselves while listening to the live musician. We

    • Outdoor dining

    Th Street In Austin Tx: Everything You Need To Know

    Stefi Hsia | August 18, 2022

    One of Austins favorites, an entire street that embodies Austins culture, 6th Street in Austin provides an atmosphere with good music and drinks. Most call it a day or night out and others call it an experience that resonates with their time in Austin.

    6th Street Austin is made up of Dirty Sixth, West Sixth, and East Sixth. All of them are uniquely different from each other, providing entertainment depending on what you are looking for.

    A staple in Austin history that has maintained its original roots and continues to deliver more than what people expect. Even those who arent strangers to 6th street continue to enjoy their time there, which says a lot. Every different place you find yourself on 6th street is an experience of its own which makes 6th street, unlike any other place!

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    Casino El Camino Bar & Grill

    Casino El Camino on Sixth Street

    No Dirty Sixth guide would be complete without a mention of Casino El Camino. This neighborhood bar and grill has been around since 1994. Since then, it has earned recognition from the Food Network and local publications, including the award for Best Jukebox from the Austin Chronicle.

    Back when we were doing our search for the best burger joint in Austin, we had many locals tell us Casino El Camino had their favorite burger in town. Read our review, then go decide for yourself.

    517 E. 6th St. Website

    Firehouse Hostel And Lounge

    Pin on 6th Street

    Theres always something awe-inducing about a speakeasy, a very now you see it, now you dont kind of vibe that harkens back to the days of magic shows at elementary school partiesexcept with bourbon instead of birthday cake, of course. Firehouse Lounge, which also houses an hostel, exudes that covert charm from the moment you enter through a false bookcase door in the lobby. Unlike many neo-speakeasies, however, the drinks here arent a whole lot of fluff served for $16 a pop. The bartenders at Firehouse know their stuff, and we dare you to think up a classic cocktail they cant make quicker than you can say abracadabra. Plus, with near-nightly music spanning DJ sets to rock bands to jazz quartets, dont be surprised if you disappear for hours on end.How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating.

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    Esthers Follies & The Velveeta Room

    Stop to watch a comedy show at Esthers Follies

    What goes best with a plate of laughter? More laughter, which is why I lumped these two comedy venues together. Esthers Follies offers sketch comedy acts with a side of magic, while The Velveeta Room is straight-up stand up. You can spend your entire evening on Dirty at these two venues alone, and I highly recommend doing so.

    Esthers Follies: 525 E. 6th St. WebsiteThe Velveeta Room: 521 E. 6th St. Website

    Petes Dueling Piano Bar

    Petes Dueling Piano Bar is an experience everyone must go to at least a couple of times during their time in Austin. The exciting atmosphere is felt all across the bar, with energetic music that transcends to every single person in the room. What is there not to like about live music and singing a long song during your night out!

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    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    What did people search for similar to music venues near Sixth Street District, Austin, TX 78701?

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    This is a review for music venues near Sixth Street District, Austin, TX 78701:

    “This is a cute venue space. I came here for a drag show that was phenomenal.I deducted a star because the bartender was extremely rude to me. I’m sober and asked what mocktail options existed and he just kept repeating “we’re a dive bar” condescendingly until I finally got him to tell me the goddamn options. I purchased a $5 liquid death because I was just so flustered and wanted to leave the bar. They also automatically add a 20% tip which in any other circumstance is fine, but after being made to feel stupid for being sober and inquiring about options? He didn’t deserve that tip.FYI: The bartender on the other side was LOVELY and so sweet. This review is specifically for the bartender in the event space.”

    Old Or Dirty 6th Street

    Friday Night on 6th Street – Austin, TX

    Old 6th Street, sometimes fondly known as Dirty 6th, is the original entertainment section of the street including those venues between Congress Avenue and I-35 . Old 6th, sometimes considered the rowdy part of the district and often compared to New Orleans Bourbon Street, does have its drinking bars , but also is home to some upscale restaurants, laid back pubs and family friendly entertainment. Home of the famous Pecan Street Festival and ground zero for the Republic of Texas Bikers Rally after-parties, Old 6th overflows when University of Texas home games end and football fans from both schools exit DKR for a night on the town.

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    Best Austin Live Music Venues

    Austin boasts one of the most diverse music scenes in the country. Bands of every genre set up and break down en masse every night at the almost uncountable venues the city has to offer. Whether its 13,000 people in a classic Austin outdoor amphitheater or 20 fans at one of many small Austin live music dives music, done live, is king in the ATX. Heres our list of the best Austin live music venues.

    Is 6th Street Austin Open

    As Austin describes it, 6th street has a personality. Usually from Mon-Wed sixth street is open for traffic, but starting Thursday following the rest of the weekend, expect the street to be closed off for people to walk freely.

    It is fair to say that one of the very important characteristics of Austin is 6th street. It is a personality of its own full of life with so much to offer. It is an escape for many after a long week or a place to socialize with others. A street that provides entertainment to so many people and introduces Austin to newcomers.

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    Live Music & Nightlife In Austin

    With more than 250 live music venues, Austin is justifiably known as the Live Music Capital of the World®. If youre looking to experience it for yourself, or youre trying to find something fun to do at night in Austin, then you need to visit one of the citys many hip and happening entertainment districts. Whether youre looking for a rowdy party hangout scene and large crowds or a place to kick back with a pint of beer and listen to an intimate acoustic show, youll find it in Austin. Of course, Austins quantity of places to hang out can be daunting for even those who live in the Texas Capital. Dont worry were here to help. Read on to learn about each of the citys hotspots and what you can expect from each.

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